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Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 200 - 165 to go

Wow, do we really only have 165 days till it's all over? Where in the world did this year go? The older I get the faster time slips away. I am immensely grateful I learned to enjoy the ride.

Today I'm Grateful for:

165 days to go. In those days is a week with my folks, a visit with the Northern side of the family, Dell's lemonade, Clam cakes and Lobster, Grand baby full body hugs, being crop dusted at least once by #1 daughter, painful dog piles, more shutterbug fodder, 3 books of the Bible, a Trip back to Camp Berea, 2 visits with my Cousin Georgia, Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New year’s Eve, 155 days of hand holding and couch surfing with my favorite human, 165 days of gratitude, fresh Pixie art, unexpected surprises and moments of mundane adventure. Wow, it's going to be an epic 165 days.

the awesomeness of the day. I woke in a good mood. I blew off my morning workout and took a nice hot bath instead. I munched on fresh oranges and Rainer cherries and drank blueberry coffee. Now THAT'S the way to start a Monday.

Mom calling to go over the summer visit menu. *drools* How's lobster, muscles in wine sauce, swish cheese pie, tomato sandwiches, stuffed artichokes, and The Connor Clan's world famous BBQ'd stuffed steak grab you? I may have escaped gaining a ton in Siesta Key, but I will NOT this week. Epic eating dude.

feeling God centered today.

sharing my office with a Pixie. I see this little red head bobbing up and down behind my monitor. Up it goes and I see crossed eyes and a tongue out, down it goes slowly, up it comes with a finger up its nose and an angelic look on its face, down it goes slowly, up it goes with its mouth wide open and full of masticated peanut butter toast, down it goes slowly. I think my laughing has the new receptionist convinced I'm as mad as a hatter. I'm OK with that. It will keep her on her toes.


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