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Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Minute - 6/7/10 Kid Edition

Monday Minute


The Daily Dose of Reality is kicking it up a notch folks. May I proudly present the all-new, super improved, MONDAY MINUTE! We're going global now. With the help of Lee from Headaches, Hormones, and Hotflashes, I have a brand new button. Thank you very much. Now you have two options for the Monday Minute. You can either answer here like in the past, or you may host the Monday Minute and link back to the original post. Way I see it, this seems to be a popular feature on my site and linking back just might catch on over time. So who's going to be the first to do it? All you need to do is copy the code and the questions below, and come back to link up your post. Thanks guys!

Kid Edition 6/7/10 - Ask your kids to answer today's questions.

1 - What's your favorite book/story?
Vampire Kisses (Mine is Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles so I kept my mouth shut)

2 - What do you want to do when you grow up?
Artist - when asked what kind, she replied "all of it, except Tattoo" (Hey, I need a good tattoo so what's up with that? My answer was an eye roll)

3 - What is your favorite game?
Sims 3 (Computer God game. Should I worry that she likes to kill them off and play with their ghosts?)

4 - What's your favorite food?
all Italian (I deducted points because she didn't say "Mom's cookin")

5 - (choose your own question) Amnesty question: What makes you REALLY mad & why?
When people make fun of my friends. It's wrong. No one has the right to mock someone else for who and what they are. (*sighs* I love my kid)

6 - Bonus Question: Are you happy? (she is 13, I seriously took a chance here)
Yes, I'm very happy. (Here she looks me in the eye and puts her hand on my arm and said "Seriously Mom. I'm very happy" I nearly wrecked the car cuz of the tears and snot. My kid rocks and I am one very lucky mom)

(psssst...Ian....Thanks dude. This went deeper than a blog post)


  1. That's very nice, especially question #6. I hope and pray I can ask my son the same thing at that age and get a similar reaction

  2. You've got a good kis there. Not many are truly happy at 13. Good job mom!

  3. awww she sounds very mature for a 13 year old!! She sounds like a great kid!!

  4. What a great conversation with a 13 year old!