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Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 158 - Common Sense

“Common sense always speaks too late. Common sense is the guy who tells you ought to have had your brakes relined last week before you smashed a front end this week. Common sense is the Monday morning quarterback who could have won the ball game if he had been on the team. But he never is. He's high up in the stands with a flask on his hip. Common sense is the little man in a gray suit who never makes a mistake in addition. But it's always somebody else's money he's adding up.”
~Raymond Chandler~


I've recently misplaced my common sense. It wandered away awhile back. If you find it please send it home. It is sorely needed.


Your Local Superhero

Today I'm grateful for:

common sense. Those who have it are rare, those who use it wisely are rarer still. I seem to have misplaced mine. Have you seen it?

fresh cherries on Gator plates. A lovey morning pick-me up. Sucking the sweet flesh off the pits makes a rather annoying sound but it's sooo worth it. Oh, and since boss 1 is a Bulldog fan, the Gator plate adds to her annoyance. Payday is around the corner. I have sense enough to put a paper towel over the plate logo and suck the pits quietly. *slurps*

big fat piles of money. *sighs* Only wish it was mine. It seems every freak in Jacksonville Proper has decided to pay their rent late and by multiple money orders. Dude, really? Did you HAVE to get 6 MO to pay your $320 rent? No, really??? *swirls cape and flourishes sharpie* HO HO! YOU CAN NOT TAKE THIS SUPERHERO DOWN *strikes superhero like pose* I shall post your rents and charge you late fees and when you come in to complain I shall smile sweetly and say "Rent is due on the 1st and not the 7th. NEXT!"

Ms. Amy's email. Doody *giggles and snorts*

Mondays. Some people hate them. Me, I see them as a once a week Mulligan.

a good workout. I REALLY needed that. Cuz unless this excess fluff just falls out of my body like a laying a giant egg, I fear the beached whale will be found once again on the beaches of Siesta Key. *twitch* The loaded potato and meatloaf for dinner last night soooooo didn't help.

one day closer to our return to paradise. Fluff or no Fluff.

texting a man about a tree.

no morning poo flinging AND not one accident this entire weekend. ATTA BOY ROY!

the other mother. She took me to her church Saturday night and filled me up on good old fashioned gospel. I heard "Sweet Beulah Land" for the first time. Oh man, I got all weepy and stuff.

peanut butter on whole wheat. Superhero brain food don't'cha know.

I love you texts. *sighs* my man knows what I like

sea salt and cracked pepper kettle chips. Lisa is right. They are crack in chip form.

My Monday's really not all that Manic
I just wanted a little dose of 80's faux rocker chick

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  1. Peanut butter on whole wheat IS the ultimate superhero brain food! Coffee is up there too ;)

    The beginning of your post reminds me of something I heard someone say once: Common sense ain't all that common.

    Happy Monday lady!