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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 180 - Hydration is Key

"Hydration is Key"
~Dave Reed~


OK, so yesterday I thought I had lost my mind the night before. I thought I must have lost track of how much I'd had to drink because the hangover I woke with was beyond epic. It was a hangover like I have not had since my young and stupid days. The fact that I've learned to pace myself, count my drinks, be vigilant bout monitoring content and putting a leash on when, where and how I drink meant nothing. I must have failed because if I drank only what I thought I had drunk, there is no way I could feel this bad. Well guess what?

I woke this morning feeling JUST as bad. Guess what else? I drank nothing yesterday. Oh, and guess what else else? My normal routine of drinking my weight in water each and every day has gone to hell. I don't think I've drunk a glass of water since I've been here. Oh, and the water up in this place? Well, it's got a water softening system. Do you know the main ingredients in a water softening system? SALT.
The  man went to the store for me and bought me a HUGE bottle of water. That sucker is nearly gone and with it most of what's ailing me.

The man: "Hydration is Key"
Me: "now you tell me"

So, since I feel better, I'm off to the beach go shopping. One day wasted in paradise is one to many. The cousins are coming! This vacation will be legendary!

Peace ~

Today I'm grateful for:

the magic power of water. It cured what ailed me.

the cousins are coming! I can't wait! My "Little" cousin Jimmy is a man I find I just like to talk to. I like how he thinks. While he and I grew up lifetimes apart, we have much in common. BUT we express ourselves in completely different ways. When we went to his place a few months back, my very favorite part was our 10 conversation standing on the beach looking back at our family. Just watching them as we talked. Oh, and his wife? Well she is epic awesome goodness that one. The fact that they will be joining us in the little lime green happy bubble has taken vacation goodness to a whole nuther level.

sunsets and light painting. With another shutterbug in the condo, there will be photos. I can't wait to show her the dead pier, the white sand and I can't wait for her to show me her take on light painting water sprites.

kind words. Being recognized as a world class photographer would be great, but the best complement in the world to be paid, is when someone quitely notices the quality of your love. Thank you Tara.

wet dogs. They are equal parts pathetic and freakin hilarious.

Pixie's that turn into water sprites.

brother's in law that double as boyfriends, that are really just amazingly good people. Ladies, my BIL is single and his heart is bigger than Texas. Just be warned, he comes with a Sister in Law that will spork you if you hurt him.

4 days left in the little lime green happy bubble on the white sand. I'm already planing next years return.

happy other mothers.

blessings to numerous to count.

God whispers

water sprites that spork uncles and the giggles it produces. We were all laughing so hard we teared up. The spork was sacrificed for the greater good.


boss #1 still talking to me. I hope it lasts till I get home.

the joy that comes from feeding my family well and with love.

beach prayers.

summer breezes

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  1. I'm grateful for looking at your pics, after reading today's blog post, while listening to the summer breeze song you linked.
    gives me a moment of vicarious vacation and joy (i.e. jasmine in my mind.)! Tee-hee
    Amy G.