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Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 179 - Hair of the Dog

Take the hair, it's well written,
Of the dog by which you're bitten;
Work off one wine by his brother,
And one labour with another ...
Cook with cook, and strife with strife:
Business with business, wife with wife
~Old Wives Tale~
The Shadow and Me


OK, so the first question I asked myself when I opened my eyes this morning was "What have you done?" the second was "I wonder how long I'm gonna have to pay?" You see, yesterday I got this bright idea that vacation = license to drink. I'd said for 3 years now (since I sobered up) that there are 2 places I'm allowed to drink. Siesta Key and my folks house. I've now changed my tune.

Oh, and the whole "hair of the dog" thing? I don't care what those old wives say, it's bunk. It's just an alcoholic's excuse to drink some more. Me? I'm never drinking again. At least not till Thursday.

Today I'm grateful for:

day 3 in paradise. Even hung over.

poolside wi-fi. working on my list in a lime green happy bubble wile poolside is epic cool awesomeness.

my man. He loves me and he knows how to show it. He took me to the PERFECT sunset spot. We are going back tonight. Man that man knows what I like.

God's forgiveness. Now I just need to work on my own.

prayers in paradise.

being just fine about the storm that has canceled my sunset photo shoot. I still have 5 days left. So, since I'm all locked and loaded for shutterbug feeding, on the menu tonight? Light painting with 2 pixies and a hot pink mag light.

a night of Play 9 and Island Music.

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