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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 171 - Father's Day, Interviews and Responsibility

"The willingness to accept responsibility for one's own life is the source from which self-respect springs."
~Joan Didion~

1 of 66: Interview with John Santillo

Today was a good day. It had it's moments of mind blowing frustration. Let me tell ya, video editing is not for the faint of heart. But all in all it was a good day and the man said I made him an awesome father's day so I'm a happy superhero.

I started the day with a full workout. Then church where I got to conduct my first interview for my new blog. Boy, did I learn a lot. John was inspiring! The Pixie was my videographer and I was the editor. After much hair pulling, I learned: Take shorter video, convert them to Quicktime BEFORE upload, did I mention taking shorter videos? Take several small videos and NOT one long one, youtube upload SUCKS I mean it's SLOOOOOOW, and if you forget to eat while editing, it magnifies the grumpies.

Oh, and church rocked! After the interview I got to spend a few hours in God's Garage and Upstreet. An Amazing place (pardon the pun Ms. Amy) full of kids and dance and fun and lots'a love. I took Brutus and we rocked da house! I tried out a new photo technique with my speedflash and it worked! Reading all those books just paid off! Check out the rest of the photos! The virtue for this month is Responsibility and as usual, right on target for what I need to learn. Oh, and they showed a video today. THE best video EVER and one I MUST have for my birthday. VeggieTales "Lord of the Beans". Guess what? The villians are SPORKS! I nearly fainted with joy. The Pixie has instructions to see to it her father get's me this video for my birthday Wednesday! The Church at Argyle is THE place to be. I love my church. It's interactive, multimedia love at it's very best. (Oh, the tip? Here :)  

The man got his Father's day gift and loved it. Even when Roy kept running off with his golf balls. I could not resist commenting "You took his balls, now he's taking yours!" Yeah, I know, but I just couldn't help myself.
This year, out of nowhere, the man asked for Love burgers (apparently he saw the recipe in the newspaper some time ago) and Divinity. Um, huh? I'm a Yankee, what do I know about Divinity? After much drama, the divinity ended up turning out kinda like divinity chips, but tastes GREAT! The Love burgers were a HUGE hit and will be our new burgers of choice from now on. NO burger is good for you, but these are better than our normal recipe. It's VERY lean beef, sea salt, fresh pepper AND THAT'S IT. Amazingly good in their simplicity.

I love all Sundays, but as Sundays go, this one rocked!

Happy Father's day to all and to all Peace out ~

Today I'm grateful for:

Fathers. My father in Heaven, my Old Man, and the Father of my children. I'm blessed beyond measure.

John Santillo. He was wonderful, and helpful, and AWESOME! His answers to my questions made me think, touched my heart and made me excited to read Genesis. I can't wait to get started! Thank you John!

Ms. Amy. She's my next victim volunteer. She drew Exodus and the story of Moses! This aught to be radical dude!

my church. With it's golf and Motorcycle groups, it's Amazing Place and Upstreet, it's live band, live music, Ms. Mary's hugs and it's #1 best group of Christ followers on Earth. This place is my favorite place on Earth....OK, second after my house, Oh, um 3rd after Siesta Key but that's it! Um, wait, 4th, after my Mom and Dad's house. 4th, now that's REALLY it. 4th! Love you guys!

the Pixie. She has agreed to take this journey with me. She may read the Bible, but she has committed to being my videographer for the entire journey. She did a great job today!

divinity disaster that turned into taffy, that turned into divinity chip goodness & LOOOVE burger Love. Two new recipes to add to my repetua. (tip: Your grocer will grind'em up for you if you ask nicely)

little sweet bits of ice cold pink watermelon. Om, nom, nom...

Sundays. Their your favorite day? Hey, Mine Too!

This is Epic Goodness dude!
Full of raspberries noises, Elvis Impersonators
and Evil Metal Sporks with Cookie Fetishes!

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