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Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 172 - Grow up Already

“Basically my wife was immature. I'd be at home in the bath and she'd come in and sink my boats.”
~Woody Allen~
 Another cool Pixie Shot


If you are a regular stalker of my blog then you know I suffer with the disease known as "The Peter Pan Syndrome". I am immature in many ways. Not all ways are bad now. I am spiritually immature. Considering my 26 year hiatus from Christ and the enthusiasm in which I'm trying to mature, I'm going to let myself off the hook here. Also, I kinda like that I LOVE Disney movies, I cry at Stich & giggle at the sound of a good raspberry. I dress too young, I call myself a superhero, and I name inanimate object. These things about myself I like. I think they make me interesting and eclectic. However, on the eve before the eve of my 47th birthday, I find the following disturbing:

When I'm hurt, when I PERCEIVE public humiliation, when you tell me I'm wrong, when you tell me I can't, when you hurt me, I respond like a pubescent boy with testosterone management issues and ADHD on steroids.

I'm just plain tired of my own behavior. I'm tired of that out of control feeling. I'm tired of hurting people, scaring the hamster and feeling guilty afterwards. It's time for me to stop. Trouble is, I'm just not sure how. I pray, I make a commitment, I change my perspective *sighs* Whatever dude, you need to Just Do It.

Wish me luck

Peace ~

Today I'm grateful for:

growing up. Just not all the way. I refuse to stop giggling at raspberries or deny my spork fetish. I'd just like to no longer fear my head REALLY exploding one day.

prayer. I used to scoff. I don't anymore.

husbandly advice. He lost all his brownie points with his "At our age" reply, but hey, he gets to reap the fruits of his labor.

today's Ensemble. It's rather plain actually. A simple brown scort, and obnoxiously orange golf tee, a little white belt and some leather flats. Boring...NOT! This scort has been mocking me for ages! It's been hung on the "Don't even think about it" side of my closet where I would sulk at it each morning when trying to figure out what to ware. Today I got into it. This little brown scort will NEVER be boring thankyouverymuch. If you guessed I booty danced around my closet with the hamster, you guessed correctly.

Love burgers. They are as good left over as they were last night. I'm so gonna have to do extra sprints to say in this scort.

Monday Mulligans. I like Monday's. Almost as much as Sundays. I get to leave the mistakes of the previous week behind me and move forward.

a busy day. Busy days are busy, but they fly. This superhero flew today. It were spiffy.



  1. HAHA That is such a great quote!! LOL

  2. There's a difference between being grown up and being a grownup. Grownups take things seriously and talk about action items and think sprinklers water golf courses (duh! They're for running thru!).

    Good luck to you lady. Just don't be too hard on yourself ;)