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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 154 - Mind your own Beez Wax

“What you think of me is none of my business.”
~Terry Cole-Whittaker~

I stole this quote from a post in a debate group I frequent. My sweet friend Lilly was trying to use it to defuse a nasty argument. She and it was unsuccessful, the thread ended up locked and at least one poster has had to walk away from the group. All because a few people decided that they A) had a right to judge someone else B) had the right to comment about someone else C) got defensive when they got gang wedgied and told "It's none of your business"

When I stop and think about what the world would be like if everyone could find the balance between minding their own business and stepping in when needed, well... I think it would be a lot like Heaven.

What you think, how you live, who you love, how you raise your spawn, your faith, your sexual orientation, your choices, your fetishes, your way of life is none of my business. The only time I take exception is when you harm me and mine. Otherwise, live and let live dude.

Oh, you don't like me? *shrugs* sucks to be you because I'm awesome.

Peace out ~

Today I'm grateful for:

learning to mind my own business. I didn't always and I learned the hard way. The good news is that I learned not to care what others thought of me at the same time. A cosmic twofer if you will.

a morning off. I just wish I could wash off the guilt. I have some nice cherry oil w/ mint soap but it's not working *sighs* Perhaps I can sweat it off.

the end of the poo boycott. He poo'd in the back yard in record time this morning. Att'a Boy Roy!

my man. He gives good spoon *sighs contentedly*

THIS. It's my guilty pleasure. THIS used to be my guilty pleasure. Unfortunately I still eat it by the can and not the serving *munches loudly*

it not being as bad this time. Remember the nasty lurgy I had last week? *sneezed & Coughs* Well it's back. My head is all fuzzy, my nose is running like a faucet with a bad washer and my ears are as clogged as a hippies toilet. However, it's not 1/4 as bad as it was and I'm still able to work. I will be grateful, though not gracefully so. *mutters*

boss #2 being just fine. His surgery was successful, the tumor was very small, no bag will be required and he is back at work today. Thank you, Amen

feeling loopy. I may have OD'd on Sudafed but feeling loopy is kinda fun. *spins in chair* Weeeee! *eyes the boss* What?

freaking out the freaks. One walked in when I was spinning my chair and gave me that "Am I in the right place?" look. *snickers* It was worth getting the evil eye from boss 2.

the ability to let it be. Too many have lost too much for my right to do so. I shall let it be and I shall never forget. To those that served, to those who loved those that served, to those that serve still, and those who served in their own way. I will let it be.


  1. I love that quote. I've used that thought process so many times. And you're right, you're awesome. And anyone that thinks otherwise probably isn't awesome enough for you anyway ;)

  2. Yep, you are awesome. I agree on this point. Though my opinion doesn't make it so. You are even if I did not exist. :)
    I'm a little curious now though because the website that you linked for your old guilty pleasure says they don't allow direct links. I like your links and am a little bugged that they don't allow them. Maybe I don't need to know because I would be tempted to make it my new guilty pleasure. Anyway......what was I talking about????
    Oh well, I also love the quote and the cosmic twofer. Your loopy spinning makes me smile. That's twice today my friend. Thanks for that.
    Praying for your lurgy and praising that it is less intense from the start this go around. Give the Pixie, the Alien Hamster/small group sidekick extraordinaire and all your beautiful fam a hug from me. Hugs to God for making you while I'm at it. I think a tiny cup of gummy bears give me extra words and warm and fuzzies. Tee Hee!

  3. Dear Anonymous:

    I don't know who you are though I have my guesses :)

    I fixed the link. Click it if you dare but I warn you, my ex guilty pleasure was a monkey on my back for months. Be strong!


  4. If only other people learned to play nice.