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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Writer's Workshop Prompt #4 “Have you ever"

Mama's Losin' It

Writer's Workshop Prompt #4 “Have you ever?"

Have you ever danced around your closet in nothing but a Styx Tee and your panties?
Um, no. Wait...What? Who told you? Oh, then no, no I haven't

Have you ever figured out what God's calling you to do?
Not yet. I'm learning to be still and wait patiently. It's not going so well. I'm still waiting.

Have you ever?
Yes, yes I have *wistful smile* have you?

Have you ever eaten a large communal bowl of watermelon with your fingers?
Yes, just the other day at the BFF's. It was fun to watch. People spoiling their dinner absently picking up bits of sweet pink goodness while chatting happily. Noticing these little moments in time I call my "God winks" This is when I hear God say "Pssst, Beth, check this out..."

Have you ever lost yourself?
Yes I have, but I found myself and I'm MeAgain

Have you ever taken the time to see the sky?
I call myself a sky freak. I LOVE to look up. The storm sky is the coolest! The detail and dimension of the clouds, the way light bursts through gaps, the way light is reflected making the edges of the clouds seem like they are spun gold. It's just stunning. Yes, I've taken the time to look up. Deciding to do so was a phenomenal God wink.


  1. Well done. I've loving reading all the "have you evers?" I did this one too!

  2. Awesome Post! I always love looking at the sky too. It's really amazing!

  3. i'm also still waiting what God's plan is for me :)

    from mama kat's :)

  4. Found you from Mama Kat today.
    And the communal watermelon bowl is one of my family's faves.
    Good luck on finding God's plan for you. Sometimes I'm sure I know what it is, then other times I'm a little confused. That's the way it's supposed to be, I guess.
    I'm following you, so be aware!

  5. What a wonderful take on "Have You Ever ..." One of these days I will catch the Mama Kat bug! :) Thanks for coming by my blog and following. Always delighted to meet a new Beth. Especially when they come with a sense of humor!

  6. I am suddenly in the mood for watermelon.

    You are right about the sky. It is the prettiest right before a storm.

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's.