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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 146 - Just the List Ma'am. Just the list.

I feel like flung poo so I'm just gonna stick to the list. There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. Sometimes you just have to look harder.
~Beth Reed~


Today I'm grateful for:

breathing through my nose. Only the right side is open but man, after 24 hours of being a mouth breather, you really begin to appreciate your nose.

having a neurotic dog. Last night when the hamster, out of nowhere, began puking all over the house I got worried. When I discovered blood in the puke I got more worried. Today I took him to the vet and $200 poorer I was told that my dog is a worrier and has an ulcer. Unless you know my family, you have NO IDEA just how appropriate this is. I was told if this keeps up we may need to consider doggie Prozac. I wonder what my shrinks rate would be for Alien Canine Hamsters with Feline Tendencies, ADHD & Stress disorder. I HAVE to be grateful for this. It's too damn funny for me not to.

fixing the Day numbers. When you do something like number your posts according to the day of the year, you may want to take care to get them right. When that ship has sailed, be grateful YOU noticed and corrected before some random blog commenter points it out. *sighs* sometimes my blondness astounds me. 

water. I've been drinking it by the buckets. It's what's keeping me going. That and colorful boxes of Kleenex. I'm on box 3 now. I'm still astounded by the human body's capacity to produce snot.

built in couch cup holders. They make the perfect used Kleenex receptacle. What??

bathtub power naps. The trip to the vet wore me and the hamster out completely. I feel asleep in the tub and he feel asleep on the bathroom mat. It was great till the water got cold and a warm wet nose was shoved in my ear.

laptops. I'm lounging on the couch watching Netflix movies and typing my list. How spiffy is that?

not being fired yet. The boss did say "your desk is buried under here somewhere but it's so deep I can't afford to fire you" Hey, I'll take it.

DWTS may be over, but SYTYCD is right around the corner! Whooohoooo!

mindless, classless, brainless summer TV programming. It just makes me happy.

amazing grace. There is just no other way to explain how someone like me can live a life this good. I am unworthy but it doesn’t seem to matter.


  1. oh, I'm sorry, but I thought you were talking about an actual hamster. An actual puking hamster!! LOL

    Yes for SYTYCD!

    get well soon.