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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 145 - Cookies, Kleenex and Netflix

Name 3 things you need on a sick day:
Cookies, Kleenex and Netflix.
~Beth Reed~

I should have known. Should have seen it coming. Saturday afternoon when the man said "I think I'm coming down with something" I should have just decided then to prepare for the inevitable sick day. The man just can't seem to keep his lurgy to himself. He likes to "share" everything. *sneezes*

*coughs* Yeah, now I'm swimming in a sea of snot. I fear I may drown. What will save me? The cookies I baked on Saturday, 6 boxes of Kleenex and Netflix ondemand movies. *blows nose* Next time I think the man is exaggerating and being a man, I hope I remember the pyramid of used tissues sitting on the table next to me and muster more sympathy. *hangs head* sorry babe...

Today I'm grateful for:

Kleenex. Seriously dude, without it I'd need an ark and two of everything.

cookies. Being sick is the perfect excuse to eat cookies for breakfast.

Netflix ondemand movies. In my queue is Sunshine Cleaning, Shades of Ray and Beautiful Loosers. What can I say, my queue is as eclectic as me.  

working out. I still plan on working out, showering and brushing my teeth. I have not done so yet but I'm planning on it...I am!

email. It's just so much easier to email my boss that I'll be out sick. It goes right to her blackberry so she is prepared before she ever gets into the office. Technology at it's best.

large plastic bones. They kept the puppy busy while I slept. They are like puppy pacifiers.

copious amounts of water. With all the decongestants I'm taking I MUST have water or the man will come home and find nothing but $.23 worth of powdered chemicals in my recliner. IF the hamster doesn't sneeze that is.

the power of positive thinking. It sounds cliché but I'm living it's transforming power. Scoff if you like, I'll just continue to live the good life.

I choose to live the good life now. Why wait?

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  1. You go, girl. I hope you feel better soon, Beth.