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Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 144 - Brain Fart

A brain fart (jocularly derived from "brainstorm") is slang for a special kind of abnormal brain activity which results in human error while performing a repetitive task, or more generally denoting a degree of mental laxity or any task-related forgetfulness, such as forgetting how to hold a fork ...

Um, yeah, like that...

I don't know whether it's the limited amount of sleep or the amount of blond inducing chemicals in my hair, but today my brain is just not firing on all cylinders. I've been suffering from this condition since our Sock Monkey rescue. Perhaps the Moxie dolls put a hex on me. Anyway....

I've got nothing of substance to write about today and I've been doing odd things like leaving my iPod on and running in my purse, leaving my car unlocked, failing to run the hamster, tripping over my own two feet and eating garbage for lunch. *burp* So, there you have it. A list titled "Brain Fart". Me at my Monday finest.

Today I'm grateful for:
Wikipedia. Where else can you get the definition for the term "Brain Fart"?

the fact that brain farts have no odor.

the fact that you can't "crop dust" a brain fart.

the fact that no one can see me giggle over the term "Brain Fart". What can I say, I still suffer from the "Peter Pan" syndrome.

sock monkeys. They made my day yesterday and are still giving me giggles today.

car conversations. Yesterday on our way home from church the Pixie and I had a conversation. I was discussing how sad I was that I didn't appreciate the summers I spent in RI with my cousins. I explained how, at the time, I was just pissy and miserable, but now, looking back, I realized just how wonderful it was. I spoke of how I regretted missing out on so much due to my own outlook. How I was a rather dark and miserable child. Not because my childhood was bad but because of how I viewed it. Then this morning I check her wall (as any self respecting facebook mom would) and found her status "June Reed: if you go by your life so fast you can’t smell the roses you’re going to regret it someday and wish you had done it differently so i would slow down (this goes for everyone)" She heard me and she got it. Dude, that's HUGE. Most day's I'd swear to you those car conversations go in one ear and out the other. To know that they actually sink in occasionally? Oh man, I'm still all weepy

God winks. The above listed conversation was a wink from God. It was my "Att'a Girl" for some unknown bit I got right or perhaps just an "I love you" wink. Either way, it's left my heart full to overflowing.

hearing my mom's voice. I rarely get to talk to her, we communicate mostly via email. So when I get to hear her voice and it's all happy and chipper, it's a double dose of sunshine. I loves my mommy.

working out. I did a full workout this morning. I was so unmotivated, but I just did it. Muttering, whining and cursing, but I did it. One full workout done, two more to go.

rain. We needed it. My butterfly garden wilting like an overweight wallflower at a Jr. High dance.

brain farts. Just cuz I'm juvenile and like to say.....Brain Fart *giggles*

Um, yeah, that too...

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