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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 143 - Sock Monkey Rescue Society

"Mom, we did it, we freed Marvin"
~The Pixie~

The New Sock Monkey Rescue Society
Director: June the Pixie
Mission Specialist: Marvin the Sock Monkey

We did it! We rescued the sock monkey! We found him, held hostage in the Barbie isle of the Target Superstore. 3 monkeys one stripped of his protective armor. Weak and laying on their sides behind a row of Moxie Girls. The carnage was evident. Those dolls look sweet but their depravity knows no bounds. Them is some twisted dolls. Nearly as vile as Bratz. *cringes at the mention of Bratz*

The instant the Pixie walked into Target her Pixie hearing picked up the distress call of the Sock monkies and she took off running through the store. She ran past a man walking with his young daughter and I turn to the child and said "Let that serve as a "What not to do" moment". The child stared back at me blankly but the father got it and laughed. You see, though I'm a superhero I don't posses the ability to hear the cry of the sock monkey.

The Pixie found them right away and rescued them. The one she adopted starred up at her from the checkout belt with utter devotion and gratitude. Apparently introducing himself to her as Marvin The Sock Monkey. "But you can call me Marv. You have saved my life, now it belongs to you. I will repay my debt someday" and we drove off in Sally the red Mustang to where the wild things are to live happily ever after.

(Really our day consisted of church, samiches, ice cream socials and sock monkey rescues. I freakin love Sundays.) 
Today I'm grateful for:


extra Sundays with the 4th grade. Today I didn't lead I assisted. It were still awesome.

fun with the Dorcus chicks. They are one rowdy group. They even scared Ms. Amy }:)

keeping my home. We've decided not to move. I am one very happy superhero.

the power of positive thinking.

Mary hugs and Amy smiles

sock monkey surprises.

THIS. All my babies are going to get one this Christmas. Part of our Reed Cookie Boxes I think. They are pure awesomeness in Jack form. If anyone knows where I can get the pattern and cares to share, I would be your new BFF. *begs*

Saturday in the Park. This year we did a 60's them. Groovy glasses, boas, hoola-hoops and bubbles. Add peanut butter picnics and sunshine and you have one groovy day.

house trained puppies. FINALLY! Thank you Lord.

Lost finally. I never liked Lost but my man did. He is currently fighting a nasty case of the flue. 4.5 hours of Lost has perked him up.

working out. I made up the 3 workouts I slagged off. I'm going to be Smokin Granny yet. You just wait and see.

Photo balls. Do get your mind out of the gutter. I mean a pretty silver ball on a string that holds 4 .75" x 1" photos. It took me half the night to figure out how to print out photos that size but it was well worth it. I made 2 budding hippies happy.

laptops. Thanks to my laptop I can sit next to my favorite human while he watches his Lost marathon finally and have something to do. That's kinda awesome and totally spiffy.

not fearing Mondays. As long as the man kept his lurgy to himself.

Marvin the Sock Monkey. So, we are sitting at Bruster's Ice Cream supporting our church fund raiser and I casually mention that the sock monkey the Pixie has been begging for may need to be rescued. I heard a rumor that some Moxie dolls had taken him and his friends hostage in the Barbie Isle and have been abusing them and turning them into their service animals. Without missing a beat she gasps dramatically and said "This will not be tolerated! Bert! (cuz apparently all sock monkeys have "B" names) I will save you!" and bounces off to the mustang giving me that "Lets roll!" look. I was informed later that his name was Marvin, Marv for short. Have I mentioned how amazingly wonderful and stupendously awesome my kid is?

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