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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 132 - Just do it ~

Just Do it

Today I'm grateful for:

doing it. I've given up the whining and the excuses and I'm just doing it. Oh, and you know what? I've discovered I like it!

they just did it. They found a need and filled it. I think this is awesomeness in green. Want to save the world with a few clicks of a mouse? CLICK HERE
living my life by my new and improved montra "Just do it, you got this, own it, live it, love it" It's a tad long but I'm thinking about getting it printed up on a tee-shirt.

being grateful. I've changed my life, my world and it's even slopped over onto some of those around me.

my favorite human. When he gives me THAT look I go all smushy inside.

my transformation. Sometimes, like right now, I sit still and I wonder "How in the world did I get here?" Those days, when I take the time to look back and see how far I've come, are really good days. No rose colored glasses, no happy bubble fumes, just 100% active participation in life.

getting it. I caught it from God. Careful, it's contagious. *coughs in your general direction*

the fact that I just did it. I didn't think "Well, what's the point?" or "It could all be a big scam." I threw my heart wide open and did it. And you know what? I'd do it again too.

meeting someone new. Even if he made me cry. Life on the interweb continues to be very interesting.

doing it again. Seriously, you should try it.

2nd chances. I failed at yesterdays challange to listen more. The best part about dawn? A chance to try again.

fasting. Without calories to count I have soooo much more time to listen to my stomach grumble. *eyes the plastic fruit* it's worth it and I will persevere. At least I get to keep my coffee. I'm on my 4th cup *twitch*

magic gardens, garden pixies and cameras Oh My. While the ladies and I wrestled over the deeper meaning of the book of James, the Pixie and her friend played with cameras. I have yet to go through the 100+ photos she produced but the 3 I've seen are stunning. She has a much better eye than I. That child is an artist at a cellular level.

I love you texts from my favorite human.
They never fail to produce an internal "Awwwwe"
Don't let the date fool you. It's a daily event.
Just one of the many reasons he is my favorite human.


What is it that I'm doing? I'm actively participating in my own life. I think, then I do. I'm no longer the lump in front of a computer screen living vicariously through an RPG. What am I doing specifically? Well the list is rather long and convoluted, but here are my top 5.

getting out of bed. THE hardest part of my day has become getting out of bed. "Just DO it" has become my morning mantra. Once I'm out, I got this.

Fasting. My church suggested we fast for the committee elected to choose our next pastor. My first reaction was "let someone else" my second was "Just do it"

working out. I hated working out. Well, to be more accurate I just said I hated working out because I never worked out I didn't know for sure. It was just an educated guess. Now, I do it 5 days a week. 3 times a day 4 of those days. I don't just like how it makes me feel or the effect it's having on my body. I like the process of working out. I enjoy the feeling of sweat down my back, I like neck funk, I like pushing myself. Today I upped my regular sprints from 4 to 5. I nearly gave up on #5 this morning but just as my brain was shutting down I heard "Just do it" Well I did it.

writing. Some tell me I have some skill, other's say I inspire them, self doubt says I'm a hack but my heart tells me "just do it" I do it. Every single day. There is rarely a time when I don't feel like doing it, and occasionally I panic when I think I can't. The random moments I carve out of my day to focus on what I'm grateful for fuels the energy of my life. It's what drives it forward and gives it momentum. My husband and the joy of writing are the gifts that color my life. I could survive without both but it would be a very grey existence.

Random Act of Prayer and Drive by Lovings. There are a million reasons why not to help a stranger. I ignored them all and just did it. My help was meager but it is sincere and done with an open heart. I was rewarded unexpectedly. (doh, nearly forgot) Should you be in the mood to spread the love, CLICK HERE. Send a prayer, send a dollar, change the life of a sweet little girl, lift a heroic mother. Just do it...

I'm glad God has transformed me from the kind of person who says "Why" to the person who says "Just do it". He has a mission for me and the past 3 years has been preparing me. What he has in store I have no idea but I'm practicing my listening skills and my honing my ability to be still. When he calls, I'll just do it.

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  1. Love it, as always Beth! Glad to see you are not only listening to God but acting on what He tells you. I'm excited to see what he's preparing you for! ♥ Hugs ♥