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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 125 - It's a Poohish Kinda Day

Piglet: "Pooh, how do you spell love?"
Pooh: "You don't spell it, you feel it."
~Winnie The Pooh~

A Poohish Day
By: Elizabeth the Lame

I'm feeling very Poohish today. All soft and fuzzy and kinda upside-down.
It's a good feeling. I like it. I hope it sticks around.

I'm light and I'm lifted and I'm ready to play.
What else would you expect on a Poohish kinda day.

Cloudy and grey the sky is all growly
but the shafts of sunlight are busting thorough quite loudly.

It's Wednesday don't'cha know, hump day for the masses
I'm gonna sit here and munch on my banana and pray the mood never passes.

It makes me do silly things like try and write rhymes
Poor as they are, they are uniquely all mines.

Time to work and repair the freaks jons
One potty at a time I fix their broken so on's

I'm off to play superhero and hope you can to
for the swirling of capes can make you feel Poohish too.


Today I'm grateful for:

very bad and very sill poetry. If you MUST be awake at 2 AM, at least it's something silly and sweet that's going through your head. I'll never be the next Elizabeth Barrett Browning but that's OK. I'm quite happy being Elizabeth the Lame.

the fact that he reads it. I always assumed he read the list because it was on Facebook and he felt obliged to read it and at least give it a thumbs up. Out here in the big wide free Internets, he is anonymous and under no obligation. When I walked into his office last night and found him reading it I nearly wagged my tail with joy. That must be how Roy feels when you scratch his belly. I'm surprised my leg didn't go "THUMP, THUMP, THUMP"

Rocker tees. OMD! I am back in my little blue rocker tee. The really pretty one with the silver skull and rose! How awesome is that??? Now, mind you, I don't know if it ever really stopped fitting. All I know is I felt so fat I was unwilling to even try it on. This morning however, feeling very Poohish, I gave it a go. Today I ware my little blue rocker tee w/ the silver skull and rose with my jean skort, silver belt and cute little pair of flats. I'm a rockin superhero with Poohish tendencies today. I'm OK with that.

no piles on Wilson. Today I actually have to work to be grateful for this. I made the man a promise that I would not let Roy poo on Wilson. I even ignored the "MY treadmill" comment he let slip. I know right?? Anyway, I arrange my schedule so that, should Roy even THINK about poo flinging, I could yank him into the back yard and being the process of teaching him "it is NOT OK to poo on your BFF Wilson". A 20 minute run on 3.2 speed and NO poo flinging *sighs* Way to go Roy. Guess we try again tomorrow.

a good workout. It helped release some of the frustration over the lack of poo flinging. I had to up my reps for both squats and ab crunches. Yeah, I so got this.

rain. We need it bad.

God. It never ceases to amaze me how he custom made my life just for me. It is uniquely mine with all the bells and whistles that say "high quality life". Occasionally I stop and ponder how I managed to get here and I can come to only one conclusion. I am undeservingly blessed.

a GREAT Bible study and confirmation that I'm in the "Cool" club. I start in the Dorcus class on Sunday. Whooohoooo!

my man. And not just cuz he's hot, pays the bills and love me. I love him because he is just one of those rare "good people" you hear tell of. Oh, and cuz he loves me like nobody's business. It don't hurt that he's smokin hot either.

feeling Poohish. It's made me a tad loopy, way silly, and kinda fluffy. I like it. It suites me.

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  1. Doesn't it feel good when you find out people read your stuff because they want to? Not because they have to? It totally makes my day when my man refers to something I wrote about on my blog. *happy sigh*