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Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 102 - I like Mondays

Many years ago in a period commonly know as Next Friday Afternoon, there lived a King who was very Gloomy on Tuesday mornings because he was so Sad thinking about how Unhappy he had been on Monday and how completely Mournful he would be on Wednesday”

Today I'm grateful for:

enjoying Mondays. It's a fresh start to the week. If I do it right Monday morning the rest of my week will follow suit. I gave up hating Mondays for lent. The fact that I'm a Baptist means nothing.

deciding I'll never go explosive again. This decision came after Roy flung poo off Wilson breaking a week long run of no poo flinging. I hate the feeling that comes after I go explosive, you know; that combination of guilt, shame and remorse? Yeah, poo flinging is so not worth feeling like that.

getting word that there is some improvement for Pastor Ken. Monday may just become my favorite day of the week.

praying "God's will be done". I mean really, how easy is that? If you pray his will be done, then release it to be done, you're all done. Stop worrying, stop stressing, stop struggling, stop fearing, start trusting. It really is that simple. Simple does not mean pain free, it just means not difficult. Don't blame God when he does not do it your way. After all, he forgives you when you don't do it his.

the Nikon D3000. It will be mine one day. Until then, window shopping is fun. I got to hold one this weekend. My heart skipped beat.

finding a place to start. I've been desperately trying to find a bike race to join. I was hoping to do one for Breast cancer but just can't seem to find one in my area. I still can't, but at least I've found a place to start. You'd be amazed just how lacking the internet is on BIKE race information in Jacksonville.

goals. As long as I strive to reach goals, I'm moving forward.

not losing it when I realized I've managed to delete/lose my goals list. I was going to revisit my new list of goals to see how I'm doing and guess what? Apparently it was on Facebook and had not managed to make the transfer to my blog when I did the great note purge. I want to cry, seriously. But I won't. I'll put on my big girl panties and make a new list.

A Cool Glass shop on St. George St.
New and Improved Goals List:

come in 2nd from last in a bike race

lose 50 pounds

take a photography course

increase my morning workout to 30 minutes

increase my evening workout to 60 minutes

housetrain the hamster

complete a 365 day project

get out of God's way

take the following photographs:
St. Augustine Cross & lighthouse
spider web
a good family portrait (my family)
a family photo shoot (not my family)
a good self portrait
to achieve "that" look in a photo
a wild animal (squigels count)

find grace & humility

submit the book for publishing at least once

run a mile

be the wife my husband needs

give a garden pixie room to soar

submit with grace

lead the 4th grade upstreat gaggle of tweens to a relationship with Christ


  1. Your goals list gave me chills. I just know you're gonna do all those amazing things and more!

    Oh, and I love that you celebrate Lent and you are Baptist. You and I are soooo similar :)

  2. clebrating Lent as a Baptist is almost as good as the gift my BFF gave me for getting baptized last year. She gave me a boxed set of The Tao of Pooh and the Tae of Piglet. She is my BFF for a reason don't'cha know.