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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 101 - Choices

"Chance makes us a victim, choices make us a survivor"
~My cousins cousin Kathy~

Today I'm grateful for:

Pastor Ken. I reached my salvation because with God's help, he lead me there. He also taught me what to pray for "Thy will be done Lord" Whatever may come, I know it's God's will.

choosing to leave it to God. He knows what he's doing

choosing to let it go and just enjoy the day. I Love Sunday's in case you didn't know.

choosing to cherish the fun I had yesterday and let the disappointment go.

choosing to stay grounded in my gratitude, even when life and my mood are urging me to do otherwise.

Kathy. She is a strong woman leading the way. My cousin loves her so I will too.

Georgia's journey. This journey is one hell of a ride and I'm glad she's on it.

choosing to remember.

being of service. Serving in the cafe was wonderful and today I was more than eye candy.

tight hugs from Ms. Mary and Mr. Don saying "we'll remember you"

soft whistles from Ms. Amy. She is a gift to the universe and I'm profoundly grateful she is in my orbit.

As promised for my awesome stalkers, Pixie window art
with a bonus of the Pixie herself


Dear Pastor Ken:

For a long time I wanted to get you alone and tell you a few things but it never seemed like the right time and it always seemed rather selfish on my part. I thought today, I'd take the time to tell you. I'll write it here and whisper it to God and trust he will make sure you get it.

I wanted to say thank you. I am one of "those people" one of the lost and unwanted. I was the one the keep out sign was meant for but today I am right with God because of you. I am in this church because of the direction you lead it. I have found my river of grace because you showed me where to look and I have found my humility within my humor because you showed me how it was done. I am saved, my salvation is assured because one Sunday you said "I have so many sins". Thank you for living by example, thank you for never giving up and thank you for being my pastor. You did the impossible, you turned this Taoist hippie liberal into a God Freak. I hope I have the chance to tell you just how epic that is.

I am choosing to stand grounded in my faith that you will return to your beloved congregation in one form or another. God has plans for you and it is not my place to ask why, to agree or disagree or to doubt. I stand grounded in my faith in God and my faith in you. Faith I have today because you and God tag teamed me. Him whispering in my year and you leading by example.

On a side note, Dude this is so not the way to get more of my Snickers Pie. Ms. Becky would kick my butt. Come back to me, you still have work to do. You need to work your magic on my husband, you need to merry my Garden Pixie to her Prince Charming someday and you need to make sure I play nice with all the Christians.

With a Grateful heart,

Beth Reed

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