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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 100 - Crawling St. Augusting

Do you wish to be great? Then begin by being. Do you desire to construct a vast and lofty fabric? Think first about the foundations of humility. The higher your structure is to be, the deeper must be its foundation.
~Saint Augustine ~

Today I'm grateful for:

an epic day of fun with the BFF. I am still astounded we didn't get lost. Not once!

someone who gets me and likes me anyway.

the man. Not many men would stay home and do the taxes so his wife could run away from home with her imaginary friend and the BFF.

being only mildly disappointed about 309 mediocre shots. The ones in my memory are insensately perfect.

God granting us the perfect weather and high quality sunshine. The photo disaster was purely user error. Given the prayer before I left the house, I'm going to go on the assumption that this is another lesson in humility and stay the course.

the Pixie art on my front window. She did an homage to our upcoming 23rd anniversary. If your good little stalkers I may let you see tomorrow.

a healthy butterfly garden. Unlike last years, I only managed to kill the seedlings by the mailbox. The rest of the garden grows quite nicely. My wife will never believe it.

a great day with great company.

the ability to walk up nearly 400 steps to the top of the lighthouse. I have photographic evidence to prove it.

a grateful heart.

Fruits of my labor


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