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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 98 - Cousins

“My God. We've had cloning in the South for years. It's called cousins.”
~Robin Williams~

Today I'm grateful for:

Georgia. Sometimes I'm reminded just how much she and I are alike.

recovery. I can't believe it's been nearly 3 years. It's been one hell of a ride.

big pink bikes. The hamster and I rode nearly 10 miles yesterday. I still remember the day we bought the bike and I had to ride it home from the store. I treasure the visual of Dave riding a big pink bike with chrome fenders nearly all the way home. The bike is no longer dusty and no longer mocks me. Roxie is one of my favorite non-chemical mood stabilizers.

the power of water. When a friend told me it cut cravings I absolutely did not believe her but I had one of those "What's it gonna hurt" moments. Hell if it didn't work. Even now, 18 months later I get to jonesin. I chug water till I feel like I'm drowning and the craving eases to a manageable state.

Koogle exercises. Reading the above, you ladies feel me don't'cha?

God. Each and every time I got the "What's it gonna hurt" idea, I know it was God whispering in my ear. I am happy and sober and grateful and loved because God lead me here. He knew I was not ready for him and he remained anonymous until I was. Dude, how awesome is that?

being a God freak. I no longer shun that label but embrace it. I'm still working on my "Christian" label issues, but hey, I stowed the sporks so I'm making progress.

knowing "I got this". It's become my new mantra. It's a great improvement on my last one "You suck, he sucks, we suck, they suck, oh and life sucks" don't'cha think?

my man. He survived my recovery and is surviving my recovery. He has been by my side every single baby step I've taken. Each day I think I can't love him more and each day proves me wrong.

Ms. Amy. She helped me pass my test and has cleared the way for me to hold hands with my favorite human on our anniversary. Love you Ms. Amy!

life and its ability to surprise me. Out of the blue it's given me back someone it took away a loooong time ago. Perhaps it knows we are both ready now. Whatever dude, it's just way cool.

Shadows of the past can be friend or foe. It just depends on your perspective.


My cousin Georgia and I are very close in age, we look so much alike that we could fool our own mothers (ok, when they were drinking) we are remarkably similar in temperament and habit and we have spent most of our lives barely knowing each other. Due to my dad's military service, we've never spent more than a few days at a time together as children, and as adults that was reduced to a few hours every decade.

Just the other day my mother mentioned she saw Georgia and, doing what mothers do, she mentioned my book to her and sent her a copy. Mom called me and suggested I make contact, and again, doing what moms do, gave me the wrong address. Eventually Georgia and I made contact, though just through email. In the space of 2 hours & 8 emails, I confirmed what I'd always suspected. We should have been sisters. More than that, we should have been twins.

Talking with Georgia brought back memories of my past, shadows of my recovery, and the joys of my current existence. Georgia is my unknown long lost twin and life will not get between us again.


  1. Water is our best friend. It's the strongest of all the elements: wearing away stone, snuffing our fire, engulfing the air. And we also happen to be mostly water. So how strong does that make us? Oh you know! You're a superhero too!!!

  2. crunching ice is epic superhero joy. Even if it drives the man insane. Guess that's just a bonus }:)