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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 97 - Make me Smile

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”
~Leo F. Buscaglia~

Today I'm grateful for:

smiling. Just the act of raising the corners of my mouth raises my spirit.

giving smiles away. Seriously, making a stranger smile will change the world. If I do it with a good heart, for THEIR benefit, and OFTEN. Let someone into my lane of traffic, nod and smile as I pass a stranger on the street, let the busy mom with 3 items in front of me in the checkout line, pay for the toll of the guy behind me, yell out the window to the guy on the Harley that I LOVE his bike (this produces rock star like smiles). I contently forget but when I remember, my gratitude is magnified.

fresh, hot and strong coffee

copious amounts of water.

warm kisses from a cool human. Pssst....he's my favorite

working out. Yup, I still got this. Though for some reason my balance was off today and I staggered around on the treadmill like a drunkard. I still managed 20 minutes on the treadmill and 5 minutes of calisthenics.

day 3 and still no piles on Wilson. Does he got this?

pretty new tee's that give the illusion of curves. *sings: I feel Pretty, oh so pretty*

Mickey Mouse watches. Total awesomeness dude.

gifts from little girls who have little to give.

all the things that made me smile today. My heart is light, my mood is bright and I flourish the yellow sharpie with ease.


For quite some time now I've been praying for grace and humility. You all remember my my humility lesson right? *groans* Yeah, I still have the bruises. Anyway, Easter Sunday I was taught a lesson in grace. I was taught by a little girl named Trish. Trish moved here with her parents from Utah over a year ago and her parents have been struggling to find work. They live with his sister and her family all in one house.

I've introduced you to Trish before. Her and her cousin Ahj are Roy's groupies. Our two families have kinda adopted each other and now the girls come over to play with the Pixie, spend the night occasionally and even go to Church with us.

Oh yeah, back to the lesson, Easter Sunday Roy and I were out riding. Our rout takes us past Trish's house twice. Once on the way out and once on the way in. On the way in Trish ran out to us for what I assumed was a pat for the hamster and a hug for me. This time she had a brightly colored plastic egg in her hand. "Ms. Beth, this is for you!" and she just glowed with joy. It was a plastic egg with a button on the front, when you pushed the button, the face would spin and a new and random (you all know how I love me some random) silly face would appear. It was attached by a yellow hook to a container of little egg shaped sweet-tarts in all sorts of pretty Easter colors.

Now, this child has very little and I know full well this is one of HER Easter goodies. What do you do? Do you refuse the gift and crush her little giving heart? Or do you take it and make a HUGE deal about its total radical awesomeness? I chose the latter. I've attached it to the big yellow purse and I take it with me wherever I go. It is a reminder of grace. When a child with a pure heart gives up something that is dear to her with joy and grace, you take it and learn from it.

Grace lesson received Lord. I pray one day, I grow up to be just like Trish.

Trish of the Pure Heart

The Egg of Randome Awesomeness

So, where'd I get all this "Awesome" stuff come from? Only the
Rhino The Hamster


  1. Smiles of gratitude to you oh queen of joy and laughs and wisdom! I know you won't accept your royalness but I send it anyway because you are part of my gratitude list. Love and big hugs for the awesomeness!!
    Saw you and the hamster happily riding in the basket the other day. Such a beautiful site!! Seriously, smiled all the way home and then some, 1 becuz even if I didn't know you, you looked so peaceful and would spread happiness by existing and 2 becuz I am blessed to actually know you and therefore know that you name your bike and find joy in the journey and are willing to share it!! More love and hugs!! Amy G.

  2. Ms. Amy, you just make me weepy. Keep this up and my head is going to swell.

    I'm exceedingly happy the hamster and I gave you a smile.


  3. Smiling is epic it's why I was born with so many teeth :)