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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 96 - My favorite spot

And by and by Christopher Robin came to an end of things, and he was silent, and he sat there, looking out over the world, just wishing it wouldn't stop.

~Winnie the Pooh~
Today I'm grateful for:
the ability to make it stop. Even for just a moment. It's one of my superhero powers. I can let you in on the secret though. It's really hard but I know my 13 loyal stalkers have the stuff it takes. Wanna make it stop? Notice it. When a blessed life moment arrives, notice it. Breathe it in and take note of it. Don't waste it wishing you had your camera, or wishing it happened when you had more time. Just notice it. In that instant, you've made it stop. Don't horde the power. Pass it on.
the discovery of my favorite spot and the woman who inspired me to find it.

the magic in my moves. Just call me Mrs. SmoovieSmoove

getting out of bed. As late as it was that I went to sleep and as poorly as I slept, THAT is a huge gratitude.

feeling sporty today. Not pretty, not cute, not like the beached whale, but sporty. Hey, I'll take it and run

my 30 minute workout. Yup, I got this.

day 2 of no piles on Wilson.

Ms. Betty making it to the last one. I misjudged her. She is truly good peeps and we have all missed her so. Esther has not been the same without her.

boss 1 being out of the office for a day and a half. Anymore and I get twitchy, but a day and a half is perfect. Just enough time for me to goof off without the fear of getting really behind. What? Even superheroes goof off at work occasionally.

my front walk. It is THE best spot in my slice of paradise.  
I was reading a far superior blog today and at the end she gave a challenge. She wanted to know what your favorite spot in the home was and why. If she liked what we had to say, she would consider us for a chance to win a lovely necklace. Honestly, as beautiful as the necklace is, the real prize is her sharing her story and amazing photos.

Well me, being the perpetual Smart-Ass spoke right up and linked my "Where the Wild Things Are" post and said "I beat you to it" My thought was that I've well established my favorite spot on Earth and that was my home. My entire home was THE spot to be and felt rather like a mother who has just been forced to choose her "favorite" child, but then...

It really started to pull at the edges of my brain. What IS my favorite spot? It used to be the garden on my parents back yard. DAYS not just mere hours were spent smoking and drinking out on that back porch (my mother does not allow smoking in the house). The stereo playing, I'm reading a book and getting "slightly" drunk. That place was the only place I felt completely at peace and at ease to just be.

Then my life blew up and in the process of putting it back together I went 3 years without returning there. In that 3 years I gave up booze and smokes and received the life I always wanted and never knew I already had. Oddly enough it took me getting laid off from work for me to discover paradise. My modest little home and it's gaggle of oddling inhabitants are paradise to me. One not being complete without the other.

BUT, when pressed, I can clearly see that my favorite spot within my slice of paradise is my front walk. When I'm pulled home, tired and weary from my day of superheroing for the freaks of Jacksonville Proper the very first thing that greats me is my front walk. Currently it is awash in the colors of a freshly planted and amazingly healthy butterfly garden. As I climb out of the Mustang I inhale deeply. When the air is right and the breeze blows softly, I can smell the fresh scent of orange blossom from the neighbor’s yard mixed with the freshness from our own garden. Seriously, that right there is what Heaven will smell like.

Spring evenings are the best for my front walk. When I return home on a spring evening I like to linger there. The windows are open and I can see a little hamster scratching at the windowsill making puppy sounds and wagging his tail at the sight of me. I can hear music not wafting exactly, more like booming, signaling that "All Hail Sally" is having band practice. No-Doubt's "Hella-Good" never sounded better. I just stand there a moment and make time stop. That feeling in that moment being the reason I do what I do. It's why I stay clean, it's why I stay grounded in gratitude, it is what I'm thankful for and it is my reward.

Then there is the knowledge of what lies within. Just beyond my teal front door awaits a garden pixie just waiting for me to get home so she can cover me with hugs and kisses. Since no one can see, she drops all 12 year old pretence of cool and sophistication. Inside awaits my favorite human still smelling of soap and smiling that "hey! You made it!" smile. I get to wrap my arms around him and bury my face in his neck. All the while, there is an 8 lb hamster wagging his tale with that "Hey! I saw her first!" look on his face doing the "happy you're home" dance.

Yes, there just no better place on earth than the front porch of where the wild things are. It is my slice of paradise and I get to call it home.

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