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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 94 - Easter Sunday

Do not let Sunday be taken from you If your soul has no Sunday, it becomes an orphan.
~Albert Schweitzer~

Today I'm grateful for:

being a freak for God. I have a real and personal relationship with God. Little can match the awesomeness of that.

Easter Sunday. I love Sundays. I love everything about Sundays. Easter Sunday is the best Sunday of all. Even better than the Sunday I spent laying on the beach hearing nothing but the ocean singing.

my iPod. She is Lilly and she sings to me the soundtrack of my life. Like my life, my soundtrack is constantly in flux.

one week left of Bible Study. While I LOVE the ladies of my bible study, and I enjoyed learning about Ester, I think I bit off more than I could chew. I will be glad for a summer break. If it's God's plan, the ladies will let me rejoin in the fall. If not, then I suppose that means God has other plans for me. Either way, I'm OK with that.

a happy Pixie. She enjoyed her Easter basket and totally rocked her new Easter outfit.

God's Garage w/ Ms. Amy. I was about as useful as diamonds on a pig but I had a blast. In 2 weeks I get to lead my pack of tween weirdoes. I can't wait!

Easter Dinner. I'm drooling all ready.
BBQ'd pork ribs
Steamed potatoes and squash
homemade coleslaw
Flaky Rolls
Carrot Cake w/ cream cheese frosting
I know right?

bike rides. That time is "MY" time and it remains my #1 best non-chemical mood stabilizer.

woke on time, blessed by church +1, Booty Danced with Ms. Amy (in our heads) in God's Garage, laundry done, ribs pre-boiling in Apple Cider and vegetable stock, carrot cake in the oven, hamster training in progress *eyes the hamster at my feet*, list nearly complete. Not bad for a lazy Sunday.

2 new stalkers. One by one I'm taking over the world. MUWAHAHAHAHAH!

garden photos. I love Susan's magic garden. I can't wait to take the Pixie.


Life rocks. I'm off to live it.

Happy Easter!


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