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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 93 - Saturday Ease

When humor goes, there goes civilization.
~Erma Bombeck ~

Today I'm Grateful for:

healthy butterfly gardens. I've managed not to kill it thus far.

not getting it all done. I did what I must, I avoided what I wanted. It's been a good day.

working out. Laziness is just one more addiction I've managed to kick. Today, working out, grunting and sweating it dawned on me "I've got this. Damn I'm strong. I've got this." Now if I could only get my food addiction under control I may just lose the fluff.

totally awesome and radical Easter Baskets. I've talked to Peter Rabbit and the Pixie is gonna Pee her jammies. *snorts*

sale on beef tenderloin and jumbo shrimp. Tonight’s dinner is going to be amazing in it's ease to prepare and it's om nom nominess. When it's tenderloin, you dine, not eat. Their Podcasts have saved Roy's life. Training is going amazingly well when "I" behave myself. If you are owned by a dog, check this out. It is never too late. I promise, YOU are not to old to learn.

Peeps. Pure chemical yumminess. What? I worked out...

conversations with God. Thanks to the Big JC, I can go directly to him. No middle man required. That, boys and girls, is freaking amazing.

sunspost. They make me feel just like this kitty.
All warm and fluffy and purring.


Today's been awesome and beautiful, and easy. So, I'm going to let my list stand alone and head back into my day. Have a Happy Easter my beloved stalkers!


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  1. Om nom nominess! Steak: the reason I'm not a vegetarian. Happy Easter lady!