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Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 92 - It's a Good Friday to Be

Let every man and woman count himself immortal. Let him catch the revelation of Jesus in his resurrection. Let him say not merely, "Christ is risen," but "I shall rise." ~Phillips Brooks~

Today I'm grateful for:
Good Friday. I never really paid attention to what it was until this year. Thinking about the day makes me ache with sadness but thinking about what it means connects me to my gratitude is the most profound ways.
the big JC. I have some in my life that say they would die for me, he actually did it. I live because he died. How freakin awesome is that? Now that's love right there, I don't care who you are, that's love.

FRIDAY!!! Oh, and I'm getting off an hour early too! *booty dances*

Pixie the sitter. The Pixie is at my office today "sitting" boss 1's granddaughter. I've missed having a Pixie flitting around my office leaving Pixie dust everywhere. The back office looks like "Little Miss Petshop" has puked repeatedly back there.

NetFlix. The Pixie is employing the oldest babysitter trick in the book. She has the boss youngling watching Monsters, Inc. Netflix rules dude. Any computer, any time, it's movie time!

Cycle City. Today I get to go and look at bikes. I wonder which one will call my name? I'm hoping for a lime green one this time. *sighs dramatically* I shall love him and ride him and name him something interesting. Oh, when I bring him home SOMEDAY of course *eyes the man*

the anticipation of booty dancing in God's Garage with Ms. Amy. She's PROMISED to save me a dance.

hand-me-down bikes. They make little girls produce big smiles.

PERFECT weather.

no poo flinging again today. Even though no pile was produced at all. I wonder if hamsters get constipated? Oh, wait, he produced a pile on my dining room carpet last night. Never mind...

another good morning workout. I seriously LOVE working out in the morning. 25 minutes of prime me time with nothing to think about but not dying and nothing to but keep moving. Oh, and the high it produces is way better than anything induced by any form of chemical.

a date for the Zoo. With a bit of luck, a smidge of planning and truck load of good timing, we may just be able to have a picnic at the zoo and introduce ourselves to the new frigid fishermen in Tux's

a weekend where the wild things are. There is simply no better place on earth than that.

feeling grounded in peace, balanced by gratitude and lifted by grace. It feels pretty good to be me today.

Yes, they're real
You can't get more Florida than that.

As beautiful as it is and as good as I feel, I'm afraid I'd just rather be on this side of the glass. I have a feeling it's going to be a good Friday.

My Good Friday wish for you is that your day is 1000 X better than mine and my day is off the chain to the max awesomeness dude.



  1. JC: He's the man. I don't care who you are or what religion you subscribe to, the man had some seriously good points.