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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 118 - A Brand New Day

“Children are natural Zen masters; their world is brand new in each and every moment.”
~John Bradshaw~

Today I'm grateful for:

a shiny new day. Today I leave behind the past two weeks and start fresh. I'll unwrap today from its colorful box and play with it and use is all up. After all, I get a new one tomorrow.

dawn. Each dawn is a new chance. A chance to get it right this time, a chance for adventure, a chance for love and a chance to change the world. From the dark corners of my backyard I saw the cerulean blue beginnings of today’s dawn. It was my God wink for the day.

enjoying my workouts. What I once avidly avoided, then forced myself to do, then did grudgingly, I now do with enjoyment. Not just the ending bit but the process of working out. Dude, that's epic. Seriously. Were my mother to see me doing this she would say "Where's Beth Ann's Pea Pod? Find it and hide it. We are keeping this new one"

bible study. Last night was the best one out of the last 10. The next study is on the book of James. It's all about the tongue. Lord know's I need this study. How am I going to tell the man that I want to do another 5 weeks? I'm thinking it's going to fly like a lead balloon.

No piles on Wilson.

Feeling thin. I am FAR from thin but I feel a little give in my belt and my undies (perv, I bet you looked) are no longer trying to cut me in half. I have not looked at the scale in over a month but I’m thinking the 3 workouts a day are; well, working out.

rain. We REALLY needed it. My poor little snapdragons got beat all to hell and back, but we desperately needed the rain. I smelled smoke on I95 last night. If the fire ban keeps up, no fireworks on the 4th. That would suck dude.

~Happy Hump Day Yo~
Yes, I know, I way over use this photo
I don't care, it makes me giggle
It's time to shake it off and move on. The borage of disasters being lobbed at me and mine has ceased. Today we begin the reconstruction of an orderly life. It's time for me to face the feelings of fear, pack away the selfishness of anxiety, pop a new day out of its box and get back to living.

Today is a brand new day. Let's see what I can make of it.


It's a brand new day. Unwrap it and go play.

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