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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 112 - I WILL have a good day

“On a bad day, I have mood swings - but on a good day, I have the whole mood playground”
~Charles Rosenblum~

Today I'm grateful for:

the ability to make a good day. There is no tragedy in my life, no epic cause for suffering or pain. There is sadness and there is stress. Both I can choose to overcome and make a great day. Today WILL be a good day.

Kelly's freedom. I hope she puts it to good use and keeps it.

a great workout. Seriously, I got this.

no piles on Wilson. The hamster is on a roll!

BBQ sausages. Dinner tonight is going to be delish *drools*

plans for a day in the woods with Georgia and Brutus. Can you think of anything better than trolling the fall woods of Connecticut with your camera and Cousin Twin? I sure can't!

adoptive daughters. It's nice to have a slayer in the family. Oh, and I get two new spawnlings to spoil. That right there is awesomeness dude. I'm thinking it's about time for a Nana care package. *evil grin*

sock monkeys. They will make grandspawnlings happy.

choices. Lately I've been making good ones. Does this mean I'm finally growing up?

the fact that God gets me. As freaky as my mind works, this is epic but hey, he made me this way so I guess he has an edge.

my front walk. With bright smiling flowers and fresh Pixie art it's THE place to be. When the giant magnet draws me to where the wild things are, I pause here a moment and drop the baggage of the day. I'll pick it up tomorrow. It's not going anywhere.


When getting hammered repeatedly by the big stuff, sometimes it's best to concentrate on the little things.

Today I'm grateful for all the little blessings of my day. The ones I tend to overlook. Having a strong and healthy body, being in a loving and giving relationship, being married to a good man who loves me back, fresh clean water, abundant and safe food, the ability to ride my bike for fun, my little dog and the joy he gives me, 3 strong and beautiful daughters and their spawn, an amazing friend who calls me Momma by choice, a BFF who calls me Momma but don't really mean it, JOBS, a home and a life I call my slice of paradise. All these things are really not so little at all and combined they have the power to transform this mean old woman into a fluffy yellow superhero.

It's a beautiful life. Ya feel me dont'cha?

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