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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 70 - The Granola Eaters were Right

“The cool kids were once thrill-seeking kids like jocks or the well-dressed kids, and the self-expressed kids of today were once the band geeks, theater types, or crunchy-granola types.”
~Chip Walker ~
Today I'm grateful for:

Diandra Tupa. She introduced me to the power of the "List" no my list but THE list. Total Facebooking awesomeness.

the desire and ability to help Kelly. She actually let us help. That rocks dude.

my husband’s heart. Don't let him fool you, it's HUGE.

Kelly considering the military. This one is hard for me to be grateful for, but I'm working on it.

my morning routine. I've given up my 8 minutes of precious extra sleep for more work-out time. *gives the stink eye to the woman in the mirror* Who are you and what did you do with the real Beth?

no longer needing a leash. Roy and Wilson's relationship has grow so much that all I have to do is say to Roy "Want your walkies? Good Boy, UP!" and he jumps up and wags his tail till I hit Wilson's start button and stays on between 20 & 30 minutes till I turn Wilson off and say "Good boy! Want your TREAT?" That leash worried me and I'm ecstatic it's gone. Even if I think my dog is a bit odd for having a treadmill as a BFF

not letting the scale break me. I don't know why but the numbers are going in the wrong direction. This week I've worked out twice a day and counted every calorie I've put in my mouth and the scale reads 193.4. That is the highest so far. WTH man? I refuse to let this cause another storm. I'm just going to keep doing what I know is right and stop getting on the scale. BTW? That ice cream I ate last night? Um, yeah 80 calories. Tastes like mint paste but hey, it kept me from diving head first into the container of Bryers.

realizing that the Granola Easters were right. I'm OK with that.

Several warm days means only one thing
Time to revive the butterfly garden :)

In general, there are two kinds of hippies. The most well known are those drug crazed, sex crazed, free love giving, social drop-out, members of the counter culture.

The second and in my opinion, rather misunderstood, are the granola eaters. The original vegans, the commune living, nudist type, nature loving, protesting, anti-war, anti-government, anti-establishment types who were all about living off the grid and with nature instead of off nature.

This second group was right. While I fail miserably and repeatedly to live somewhat according to their way, I know they were right. They were all about "hey man, live and let live" and "what's mine is yours". The farther I get into my journey and the more I change, the closer I get to their ideal. The more confidence I gain in my own life, the more tolerance I have for others. The more I realize I have, the more I'm willing to share with others. For me, my best life comes when I wrap myself in humility and embrace peace, love and happiness. But then, I'm a granola eating hippie. What do I know?

*flashes peace sign*

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