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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 69 - Sadness is overrated

Don't Worry. Be happy.
~Bobby McFerrin~

Today I'm grateful for:

an end of an era. For nearly a year I've been posting my little list on Facebook but today that came to an end. I'm sad and I'm going to miss all my friends comments and such, but I'll try and remember it was never about the list. It was about the gratitude and the sharing of my healing. The list continues in a new form and with or without it, my life continues to be gratitude saturated. THAT is what matters.

Worship Silverheart. When my life was at its darkest she distracted me. She was the epic paladen and where my superhero complex started. I roll played her to be the hero of light who's BFF was Geloe the Druid. They were always together. Shippy up front hammering slowly and methodically, throwing just enough spells to keep agro while Geloe, from a safe distance threw powerful spells that did the killing. It is of course when things went as planned. This was most often NOT the case. With gleeful giggles should one be left standing, the other would be rezed. Most often, Geloe would be leading the lost Shippy back to her body. Shippy's ability to get lost is stuff of guild legend. Hunar would regularly announce over the guild channel "Anyone in the vicinity of Ironforge please look for Shippy. She's lost again" I've been receiving PM's and wall posts telling me Shippy will be missed. I'm glad to know she meant so much to so many. It sheds some light on the dark corners of those days. I quit playing the old girl nearly 2 years ago, but now, to know she has been deleted so unjustly seems a very poor end. I will miss her. RIP Worship Silverheart.

getting a life. In my World of Warcraft days it would happen that a PvPer (player vs player type) would wander into the Roll Playing server I was on. They would usually stand around Ironfordge and mock us by shouting "Get a Life Noob!" Well, I now have a pretty spectacular one. I do not miss my RPing days. I treat RPing like I treat booze. Actually, I treat RPing MORE like alchoholism but, I miss my friends. I miss Saturday afternoon raids with Geloe & Napier laughing and screaming in my ear "Portal! Not Teleport you Git!" *snorts* Never again will I RP, I now have a life but I'm sad to see the old girl go and grateful for the people she brought into my life.

the fact that Bliz did not do this 3 years ago. Back then this would have rocked my world and sent me over the edge. I would have dove into a bottle of vodka and not told anyone anything about it. I would have been angry, sullen and drunk and they would have had no idea why. I've said it before, God is always 12 steps ahead.

being sad. Sometimes you just gotta. Then you just gotta get over it.

getting over it.

Wilson. Yet another inanimate object I'm in love with. He makes my morning work-out enjoyable and he keeps the hamster alive.

rides on the big pink bike. It's warm out. I am sooooo going for a ride tonight.

It's not a new beginning, it's an ending. I'm OK with that


I said it all in my list. Now, all I want to do is booty dance with Bobby.

Hugs and thank you's to all of you who followed me over.

The list continues...


  1. Thanks for giving me the link. You are becoming a VERY strong woman girl! I love your grats, I've lost touch with mine bc I've been so busy, but I'm still grateful daily and that's what matters the most! Remember some Endings lead to New beginnings :)

    I've talked to some people with dogs about your smart idea and they LOVED it. I think that's an awesome way to get those little legs moving when it's icky outside. Here in GA it's been icky way too long and the pets are suffering. You are a very Smart, Young :) Lady! Your grats always make me smile!

  2. I'm with you. Sometimes you just have to be sad and then get over it. I allow myself a little wallow now and then...and then I have to choose to stop.
    And I'm purposely NOT going to listen to the Bobby McFerrin song because it will be stuck in my head. But I get your feeling in posting it. LOL
    Thanks for the gratitudes. You inspire me!