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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 68 - One of THOSE people

“A dog doesn't care if you're rich or poor, big or small, young or old. He doesn't care if you're not smart, not popular, not a good joke-teller, not the best athlete, nor the best-looking person. To your dog, you are the greatest, the smartest, the nicest human being who was ever born. You are his friend and protector.”
~Louis Sabin~
Today I'm grateful for:

dogs and their unbridled capacity to love unconditionally. If Roy could teach me to love like that I would be one amazing human.

being one of THOSE people I used to loath.

my favorite human. He is feeling better and he fixed Roxie! That is about the nicest thing he's ever done for me....OK, well, that may be a slight exaggeration, but it's in the top 100! Right up there with empting the dishwasher, paying the bills and opening the car door for me. OK stalkers, all together now....."AWE!"

the BFF. She saved me big time yesterday.

#2 pencils. Who knew they were so important?

a long ride with a short dog and babysitting Pixie. The man got all "I don't want you alone" and I got all "Awe, that's so sweet!" (in my head) So, I had a 4 mile ride with the Pixie saying "you're going to fast! Slow down! My legs hurt! My bike is to small! Don't make me tell dad! Can we rest?". It was nice to feel loved and protected.

out riding a Pixie. She blames it on the bike. I giggle and let her. *flexes*

making Ms. Amy proud of me.

God. I may be cracking under the pressure and freaking out, but he isn't.

This is my new office wallpaper.
I'm officially one of THOSE people *twitch*


On Saturday I felt I was on a slippery slope and if I was not careful I'd end up one of THOSE people. This morning it became official.

Saturday I took the dog with me to Blockbuster fully intending on leaving him in the car. Hey, don't give me that look, it was around 65° and I would have cracked the window. Anyway, I WAS going to leave him in the car but when I went to get out he gave me that look. You know the one; it's the same look they give you when you eat the last bite of bacon "Awe come on! Really?? You gonna leave a hamster hangin?" I said to him "I'm NOT going to be one of THOSE people. You'll be fine" then he gave me that "Dude, you're already talking to me like I'm a human, this is just the next step." and he threw in a puppy whine for effect.

I caved. I took him in with me feeling sheepish and silly. Anyone who looked at me and smiled at Roy I glared at saying "What?!" with my eyes. I felt like a kid intending to shoplift. I kept waiting for a hand on my shoulder saying "Excuse me, you can't have that in here" but it never happened. Wanna know the worst part? As I was leaving the Blockbuster I started talking to the dog again. IN PUBLIC. I said to him "I can't believe you made me do that. You've turned me into one of THOSE people." and the guy I passed in the parking lot moved to the other side of the isle and snickered a bit. Oh, and that same day I bought him a hoodie. I thought the Santa Suit was a onetime joke. Turns out...not so much

This morning came the confirmation. I installed a picture of my dog IN his new hoodie as my desktop wallpaper. Yup, I am one of THOSE people. I have become one of the people I used to loath. This process has been going on a long time but this? This was the final straw.

I am a God freak that enjoys listening to "inspirational" music, I choose a good Andy Stanly Podcast over a Blue Collar Comedy Tour (though I'm sorry, Larry the Cable guy is hilarious), I cry at Disney movies, I prefer to love my husband rather than complain about him, I blog about God, I think my tween rocks the house, I a Sunday School teacher, and now....the last straw....I am Paris Hilton without the youth, looks or money. I am a dog person.You know, I'm OK with that. Bottom line is that I'm happy, I'm loved, and I'm my dogs favorite human. When the man and the Pixie are not around anyway. Life rocks. If you don't like me, you're in good company.

What? It's on the Hamsters playlist

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