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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 61 - intersection of math and art

Music sits at the intersection of math and art, as does photography. It calls on both sides of our brains, and we cannot function well as musicians or photographers without being able to access both right- and left-brain thinking.

~The Strobist~

Today I'm grateful for:

This quote: Music is like a code -- a time-based, mathematical code that you have to either solve or create on the fly. Reading two clefs of music at once is like simultaneously translating two people speaking a foreign language. The fact that I get it makes me feel smart. The Strobist is a philosopher. Who knew?

getting it. I finaly get why I have such a love of music and no talent. I wanted to a singer so bad it hurt. I even went so far as to marry a drummer though it only made it 3 years. My BFF is a harpest, my children's Godfother is a all around musician and DJ. The day I realized my voice not only would not make me famous, but could herd cats, was a tragic day indeed. I never understood why God gave me such a passion for it but no tools to carry it out. Now I get it. Just wish I had not wasted 30 years being pissed off, but I try not to live with regret. Hey, I said TRY

hearing the music in the sunrise, feeling the color in the music and being connected to it.  

how much I've grown. I'm being transformed day by day and I've come to realize it's a life long process. My growth was stunted by my own doing but I have an eterinty to get to who I'm suposed to be. Lord, it would go a lot faster if you helped me get out of your way.....I'm just sayin...

fun. When your not such a tight ass, life is actually fun. Don't work out for ONE day, play bass for the family band in the bat cave, give knuckles to a Pixie and grope the lead singer. What??

this: When God leads you to the edge of the cliff, trust Him fully and let go, only 1 of 2 things will happen, either He'll catch you when you fall, or He'll teach you how to fly! It's from an email my mommy sent me. Today it spoke to me. It's just one of a series of messages God is raining down on me saying "Stop being afraid and do what I tell you so we can get on with it" *twitch* but I'm scared....
(no kidding, I can hear the Lord signing at me like my mother used to)

my mom knowing EXACTLY how I feel. She is struggling with fear as well. I hope we can give eachother comfort and strength so we can both do what must be done.

having a string of balanced days. Well, for the most part. There was that hamster insident last night but he's forgiven me.

the memory of slow dancing with my husband and having him sing softly in my hear. It's such a tender and sweet memory. I wish we could go dancing. Even if I don't move my feet.

the music of life.

passing it on. Lisa loves to act and sing, Kelly sings and plays strings, June sings and is my little drummer. In all I have done wrong, I know Dave and I must have done something right to inspire creativity in our children. Whether or not they make a living at it, music & creativity will be a core element to their lives. This fills my heart with song. (yes, overly dramatic, but hey, these apples don't fall far from this tree)

my favorite human. He makes the music in my head take on an entirely new beat. He is the percussion to my wind.

hamster forgiveness. Thank God because there is NOTHING more music distorting than hamster guilt.

equating music, art and creativity to math somehow makes having to do all this AR & AP much more tolerable. Cuz normally accounting just makes this superhero's head hurt.

knowing my desk looks like this

but seeing only this. Dispite my OCD.

knowing at 4:00 EST a giant magnet will pull me to where the wild things are

auto save. It protects my list and saves my sanity. Good job Blogger, best improvement yet!

noticing that my list is rather large today. It's been nice to have bloger open in the background as I'm working. As my mind wanders I think of more gratitudes and I jot them down. It's an inwardly warming experiance to all of a sudden notice you have "wandered" to a HUGE list of gratitudes in the mist of first of the month chaos. That's growth right there my fellow wild things.


It's amazing how a well written piece of work can take your mind in new directions, can open a channel of communication between the past and the present and can lead you to answer long lost questions. Oh, yeah, and sometimes educate and entertain.

Experiencing that as a child is one of the reasons I wanted to become a writer. Though at the time I didn't have the verbal skills to articulate it. Whether or not I do now is debatable, but I know this much, when you stumble on something that moves you, allow yourself to be moved. It does not matter if it's a Disney movie *coughs* Lilo & Stitch *coughs* or a great work of literature such as "The grass is always greener over the septic tank".

That hope, the possibility of my work possibly moving or inspiring someone, is why I make my journey public. It's why I occasionally open up a vain and let my blood flow out into the universe. I write for me and only me. I share for hope.

I've been asked before "Why make it so bloody public?" my reply? "My 5 stalkers need to be entertained!"

I remember, more than 2 years ago now,
a very large "AhA!" moment coming from this movie.
I may have to dig though my journal to find it.

after re-watching this section, the very section that moved me so much originally, I've come to the realization that God's been calling me to "release my fear and trust in me" for much longer than I realized. I find how my brain started with a blog about photography lighting lead me to this conclusion utterly fascinating.

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