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Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 60 - Where the Wild thing Are

"Happiness isn't always the best way to be happy."
Judith ~ Where The Wild Things Are
Today I'm grateful for:

creating a den of wildness. Today in my house you can do anything, go anywhere, be anything. As long as you shower, brush your teeth and pack your lunch before you do, go or be.

the freedom my writing affords me.

my new vision. I know I will never be anything more than a photography hobbyist and I'm OK with that. My true gift is not the photograph I can share with others but the ability to see it for myself.

being happy. I may not be doing it right, but at least I'm doing it.

the wild things.

The wild things in action 


I live where the wild things are. In my house is a prince who regularly bursts into song and dance, he's also been known to invent new personalities. There is my personal favorite Mr. SmoovieSmoove, there is the redneck dork, there is the gay guy (which he does so well it worries me) and more. Also in residence in my house is a Garden Pixie who does exactly what you'd expect a garden pixie to do. Then you have me, with my multiple personalities, my naming of inanimate object, my epic cooking skills and my imaginary friend The Shutterbug. Rounding out the wild things is the alien hamster Roy. He regularly entertains us with his original productions of "The Blanket must go" and "The sock started it!"

My house is a giant magnetic nest that pulls me home any time I wander to far away. It will also pull you too, if you're not careful. Any time you'd like to see All Hail Sally in concert, be fed by the split personality of the day, or perhaps play a round of Hamster ball, just stop by and ring the bell.  If you're lucky, you may see a new hamster production.

I love my house, I love my home and I love my life. I have regrets. Like knowing my house was not this way when my eldest two were growing up, but I try not to dwell on it. My girls know it was not intentional and they are enjoying the parents they have now. I believe they love returning to the wild den as much as anyone else. Hell, I see more of Kelly now than when he lived here. Yup, change and growth and healing take a tremendous amount of work. Should you be wild enough to give it a go, your life may rock as much as mine.

I want this movie so much!
The Pixie and I saw it and it was so deeply personal.
Perhaps I'll find it in my Easter basket? Tell Peter to keep the eggs.

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