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Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 74 - Lurgy Girl Part Deux

"I'm sick again. This sucks buckets."
~Beth Reed~

Today I'm grateful for:

making it to work. There was a point there, during my work-out this morning, when I got this "feeling" I was not going to make it.

not being in the house when Roy pooped on the treadmill. The man was not amused. I would have laughed my ass off. This would have amused the man even less.

puddle and piles outside. Except for the treadmill incident. That was a "my bad" because I was feeling like crap and didn't wait for him to go. Good Boy Roy!

free food. I volunteer at Chick-Fil-a tonight and have coupons for free food. Got to love a Twofer.

not being as sick this time as I was last. This is little comfort but hey, I'm trying here.

Little plastic dragonflies are complete awesomenss

I am sick again and I don't mean "oh dear, I have the sniffles" kinda sick. I mean I have an achy body, stuffy head, up all night cough and I will leave the bowels to your imagination. I know I have a fever because I'm MENOPAUSAL and I'm huddled in my office with the space heater blowing up my scort.

Luckily for the safety of those in my life, I have no idea WHO got me sick again. Though I have my suspicions *gives the man the stink eye* but since boss 1 & boss 2, and the man, and the ex-new guy and the office mate are all sick, not to mention the huggers at my church, it's hard for me to blame one person.

SO, in the spirit of being a new God Freak, I will stow the sporks, smile sweetly and say "I hope your mother comes out from under the porch and bites you"

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