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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 75 - Sometimes a bad day is just a bad day

You know it's a bad day when:
The bird singing outside your window is a vulture.
~a black velvet poster I had hanging on my wall when I was in High School~ (this link is pretty close to what was on my rad poster)

Today I'm grateful for:

6 months before I have to see the dentist again.

only having 2 cavities I'm going to ignore. The Pixie has 7 I am NOT going to ignore. "Poor brushing habits were evident" hmmmm, can we skip the nitrous? Save me some money and teach her a lesson. Hey, don't give me that look, it's a twofer!

Volunteering for the church. It was great fun, a good cause and a great way to interact with my church family outside of church. The fact that I ate my weight in waffle fries is between me and God.

faith. I know it's just an ordinary bad day. I'm sick, I slept like crap, I had to go to the dentist and I'm extra fluffy so yeah, my mood is sour. Please stop thinking that just because I believe what I believe and try to lead a more positive lifestyle, that I am not entitled to have a crappy day. Having a crappy day and being sullen and pouty does not mean I'm a hypocrite and everything I've done for the last 3 years is nothing more than a colossal waste of time. "I" have faith even if you don't.

bad days. I've said it before and it's no less true for being a repeat. Without bad days, you have no clue just how good a good day really is.

a good work-out. I worked-out for a solid 30 minutes this morning and I am Oh So Glad. Had I not worked out, someone may have been hurt.

the prospect of a city crawl with my favorite human. The St. Augustine Lighthouse, the Cross and St. George St. *drools* Throw in some hand holding, walkies and a slice of the worlds BEST pizza and you have the perfect cure for what ails me.

my daddy being 71 years young today. Happy birthday old man! I love you more than you'll let me tell you :)

my little list. In the grand scheme of life, my list means very little to anyone but me. To me however, it's so much more. It reconnected me to a life I didn't know I had. It's softened my heart, reconnected me to God, fulfilled a childhood dream and given me a new way to live. I am stronger, wiser, softer and more loving than I've ever been before and it is due to my little list. It takes my attention off the drama and off the negative and lifts it to the sky. Don't like my list and think I'm full of smoke? No worries, leave me to soar with the eagles, I'll catch you turkeys on the flip-side.

venting. Every now and then I find it cleansing to vent my spleen. Once done, I feel liter. Kinda like I just dropped some baggage. Consider this my quarterly vent. Considering vents of the past, this one's pretty weak. I'm OK with that.

helpful friends. I am not alone in my quest to vanquish the fluff. THAT is a huge non-chemical mood stabilizer.

my 9 stalkers. Stealthy and quiet, you are a steady and true audience and I adore you. Thank you for letting me know I'm not alone in this big wide free internets.

the power of the list. As is usually the case, in the making of the list, I feel better.

I mean really,
when you can walk out your front door and see this,
How bad can your life really be?

I'm grumpy OK. Just grumpy. To paraphrase, I'm grumpy. I have not abandoned my belief system, I have not failed in my quest, my journey has not come to an end and I have not reduced my list to a blog of lies and falsehoods. I'm just in a bad mood.

Yes, happiness is a choice, God is good, life is sweet and I am blessed. I am however, grumpy at the moment. I'm working at not being grumpy but can I let you in on something? Your belief that I am full of smoke if I'm not Ms. Marry Sunshine 100% of the time my faith, belief, and list are nothing kinda don't help me get ungrumpy. Get it?

With or without your faith, I can feel myself shifting to the left. It's taken a colossal effort, nearly all day, and some serious self delusions (a special K bar IS TOO real chocolate!)

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  1. You are far from being full of smoke :) I've been grumpy and out of touch obviously for a couple of weeks. I have not been able to do my list at all. I can't put my finger on why, I just know I have nothing to write. Or maybe I would if I would just attempt it, which I did once and got nothing. *shrugs* I will be back in touch soon, I'm sure.