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Friday, February 26, 2010

My first meme

99 Things you aught to have done

I found this ridiculously cool blog and decided "what the hell". I'll give a meme a go. Since I had NO idea what a meme was, I had to start by looking it up. If your nosey like me, click here.

Start by giving credit to the one you robbed. Thank you Unmitigated. Then copy and past the questions below. Bold the ones you've done, add justifications, explanations, near-misses. In other words, blather on. Something my 5 stalkers know I'm good at.

1.Started your own blog- This will be my only one. I can barely keep up with this one.

2.Slept under the stars - Yes, on the beach at Corpous Christi. It's where I learned to loath crunchy oatmeal and snakes thanks to my big brother.

3.Played in a band - Yup, I'm the bass player for "All Hail Sally" our family Rock Band seen here. I'm also the band's photographer and videographer which is why you don't see me playing.

4.Visited Hawaii - not yet. I get to go in April of 2012 for my 25 wedding anniversary. Good thing I get to go before the world comes to an end 12/21/12 eh?

5.Watched a meteor shower - nope, never had an interest. Kinda weird considering I'm a sky freak and all...

6.Given more than you can afford to charity - that's between me and God.

7.Been to Disneyland - only for one day but it was a great day. Even though I was hung over.

8.Climbed a mountain - not yet, but it is on my bucket list

9.Held a praying mantis - no but I've seen one

10.Sang a solo - I do it all the time. In my head.

11.Bungee jumped - not yet, but it's another item on my bucket list

12.Visited Paris - no, and I never will. I like the French about as much as they like Americans.

13.Watched a thunder and lightning storm - I'm a sky freak and I live in the lighting capital of the world. Um, that would be a yes. Now if I could get a good photo of that, I would pee with joy

14.Taught yourself an art from scratch - photography & wrting (trust me, my form of writing is self taught. NO teacher would recomend the way I do it)

15.Adopted a child - oh hell no. I've screwed up my own enough thankyouverymuch

16.Had food poisoning - Yes, that's what happens when you dress a turkey then chew your nails. Yes, I washed my hands, just not well enough apparently. That was a fun Thanksgiving.

17.Walked to the top of the Statue of Liberty - no but I have walked to the top of the Washington Monument. does that count?

18.Grown your own vegetables - yes, back when I hated vegetables. How twisted is that?

19.Seen the Mona Lisa in France - no, I'd have to deal with French people. I told you have I feel about them.

20.Slept on an overnight train -nope, but I have riden on an authentic steam engine. Those things are filthy.

21.Had a pillow fight - yes, they are as fun as they look and dead sexy.

22.Hitch hiked - Um, no? Wait...What? What have you heard? *eyes the mom*

23.Taken a sick day when you’re not ill - anyone that says they never have is a lier

24.Built a snow fort - I did not enjoy this activity. I participated so I would not feel left out

25.Held a lamb - she was not fit to eat when she died. At least I hope not. *eyes Brenda* right?

26.Gone skinny dipping - but don't tell the husband. It was not with him...

27.Run a Marathon - no but I plan on entering a bike race this fall.

28.Ridden in a gondola in Venice - no. I would love to but I fear I never will. You just can't go to Venice alone and this is not on my husbands to-do list.

29.Seen a total eclipse - I was totally wasted and only vaguely remember it. There was cardboard....there was a little hole....there are scars on my retina...

30.Watched a sunrise or sunset- many but never enough.

31.Hit a home run - oh hell no. I'm just not that into football

32.Been on a cruise - no, it's that whole husband thing again. I'd rather dig for grubs in the back yard with him, then cruise without him.

33.Seen Niagara Falls in person - no but I'd love to. this may be a trip I can talk the man into taking.

34.Visited the birthplace of your ancestors - That would be Ireland and Norway. Perhaps one day...with the BFF. That would be a great BFF trip.

35.Seen an Amish community - yes, a few times. I grew up "field trip" distance from an Amish community in PA

36.Taught yourself a new language - SOME ASL. I can at least spell crap out and know the signs for "Slow down, I'm a noob!"

37.Had enough money to be truly satisfied - Yes, have been for a long time. My husband is a provider of epic proportion. I married him for his hot bod and income potential. He's OK with that

38.Seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa in person - nope and never will.

39.Gone rock climbing - I quit smoking 18 months ago so I think I would survive it. Perhaps one day. Though I don't know of any places to climb in Florida. We are more about the swamp than the mountain.

40.Seen Michelangelo’s David - see # 32

41.Sung karaoke - no, but it's on my goal list. I need to remove this stick from my butt first though. It's a work in progress.

42.Seen Old Faithful geyser erupt - no, but I know this is a trip the husband will take me and the Pixie on.

43.Bought a stranger a meal at a restaurant - again, between me and God.

44.Visited Africa - not on my to-do list.

45.Walked on a beach by moonlight - and with a hunky hottie too. I'm going to do it again in 119 days. Jealous much?

46.Been transported in an ambulance - yes, more than once I'm afraid.

47.Had your portrait painted - just not something I'd be into

48.Gone deep sea fishing - can we say boaring boys and girls?

49.Seen the Sistine Chapel in person - it's that whole #32 thing again.

50.Been to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris - repeat much? *sighs*

51.Gone scuba diving or snorkeling - no, but in 2012 in Hawaii I will

52.Kissed in the rain - now this was my hubby. What can I say, I DO kiss and tell

53.Played in the mud - yes. And as an adult too

54.Gone to a drive-in theater - saw Peter Pan. I was 12 and it was awesome

55.Been in a movie - watch "Pelican Brief" there is an aerial shot of the Naval Memorial. The blond chick in the red dress is me. I got paid in food. Movie set food is not all that BTW

56.Visited the Great Wall of China - no desire. They already own America

57.Started a business - I'm so not qualified

58.Taken a martial arts class - what's that? Is it like Origami?

59.Visited Russia - dude, I cry when it get's below 70°

60.Served at a soup kitchen - but it's been way to long. Time for me to do it again.

61.Sold Girl Scout Cookies- The queen got #1 sales one year and never got her prize. That was the last time ANY of my girls were in Girl Scouts. Hell if I sell 600 boxes ever again.

62.Gone whale watching - on the bucket list

63.Got flowers for no reason - occationaly. The man is my favorite human. Even if travel is not his thing

64.Donated blood, platelets or plasma - can't. Thanks to a gift that keeps on giving.

65.Gone sky diving - on the bucket list.

66.Visited a Nazi Concentration Camp - no desire. There is enough sadness in the world, I don't need to gawk at it.

67.Bounced a check - never again. I was stupid, thoughtless and careless in my youth

68.Flown in a helicopter - I hate flying in planes, never mind tin cans of death

69.Saved a favorite childhood toy - unfortunately, no, but I do have the Kimono I wore in kindergarten. Each of my girls have worn it. Soon my granddaughter will ware it :)

70.Visited the Lincoln Memorial - more times than I can remember.

71.Eaten caviar - red caviar is the best. I remember eating it like butter when I was a kid. Have I mentioned I was a very fat kid?

72.Pieced a quilt - I HATE sewing with a passion. I wanted to once, but then remembered I HATE sewing

73.Stood in Times Square - I have NO desire to ever visit NYC, though there are a few kittens there that would tempt me

74.Toured the Everglades - no desire

75.Been fired from a job - more than once. I can think of nothing more ego crushing that that.

76.Seen the Changing of the Guards in London - no. I've been to the palace, but I missed the change. I have seen the changing of the guard at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It is extremely moving if you have a clue

77.Broken a bone - my arm

78.Been a passenger on a motorcycle - oh hell no. I'm to chicken

79.Seen the Grand Canyon in person - no, but one day

80.Published a book - yup

81.Visited the Vatican - *sighs* that would be a no....again

82.Bought a brand new car - yes, though the two best cars I've ever owned have been used.

83.Walked in Jerusalem - again, no

84.Had your picture in the newspaper - yes, when my eldest was born we were in a RI newspaper for 5 generations of women

85.Kissed a stranger at midnight on New Year’s Eve - nope, but I have kissed someone strange.

86.Visited the White House - I was raised in Washington DC. I've avoided this place like the plague.

87.Killed and prepared an animal for eating - does road kill count?

88.Had chickenpox - yes, and I have the scares to prove it. At my age, they sprount little black hairs. Oh. Joy

89.Saved someone’s life - my own

90.Sat on a jury - twice called for Jury Duty, twice I managed to dodge my civic duty.

91.Met someone famous - Robert Kennedy kissed my cheek

92.Joined a book club - does Bible Study count?

93.Got a tattoo - this is a very soar subject *eyes the man*

94.Had a baby - 3 of them. I have spawed a Queen, a Redbird and a Garden Pixie

95.Seen the Alamo in person - yes, several times. I can tell you the best thing about it was the cool candy they sold in the gift shop. I told you I was a fat kid right?

96.Swam in the Great Salt Lake - oh hell no.

97.Been involved in a law suit -not yet but if I don't get my sporking tendencies under control, that may change.

98.Owned a cell phone - several though currently I have a Crackberry

99.Been stung by a bee - yes. The doctor says the next one will quite possibly kill me. My kids enjoy "practicing" with my epi-pen way to much

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