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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 58 - Girls Rule, Boys Drool

Boys, always b-b-bouncing off the wall.
Yeah, boys! Mouth real big and brain too small.
Boys try not to cry when they fall.
B-b-b-boys, they've got no sense at all.
~lyricks: "Girls rule, Boy's Drool" by Letters to Cleo~

Today I'm grateful for:

girls. I've been told they rule. I personally, rock.

fun in Hell-Mart. The Pixie and I managed to have fun and only go $5 over my budget. Not bad. the best part is when she climbed the shelves in the dog food isle w/ me holding her butt so she wouldn't fall to get the LAST bag of puppy chow. The hamster better be grateful. I giggled like a 12 year old. Girls Rule!

candy shopping. We had exactly $5 to spend on our "Girls night" candy splurge. We picked, chose, bargained, debated and weighed. I spent more time in the candy isle than the entire rest of shopping. It were fun!

digging though the $.99 rental bins looking for treasure. She vetoed, I insisted, she begged, I pleaded and we finally came up with an epic stack of chick flicks. I can't wait to watch My Fair Lady with her for the first time. She has NO idea what a treat she is in for!

home made sweet and sour pork. Dude, it rocked. It was the man's idea but the girls execution. HA! I win! *victory dances*

getting it all done. Up till about 5 minutes ago I was stressin and I'd have bet you there was NO way I could get it all done before 8 PM. This is one of those "I'm OK with being wrong" moments.

clean bathrooms. Dude, that right there is epic.

the smell of fresh baked banana bread. No boxed crap thank you, this is from scratch. This is the most simple recipe I've ever used, and quite honestly the best. Even if the middle always sinks *sighs*

OK, so I can stay here and regale my 5 stalkers with witty banter or I can run off and eat candy and watch My Fair Lady with a Pixie....Hmmmmm

Peace out!

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