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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 56 - WHAT is that smell??

“My theory on housework is, if the item doesn't multiply, smell, catch fire, or block the refrigerator door, let it be. No one else cares. Why should you?”
~Erma Bombeck~

Today I'm grateful for:

a suppressed gag reflex. Apparently we have another dead rat in the office and the critter guy can't find the body. I bet the beast died IN a duct just to make us suffer. I have a visual of him dragging his little body by his front claws, using every ounce of his dying breath to make it to the duct. His final words squeaked out weakly "Take that F*&^ER"

my sense of humor. It helps distract the freaks from the smell.

various forms of chemical scents. They all FAIL to mask the dead rat smell, but hey, they make nice props for my stand-up routine.

God's sense of humor. If the Platypus didn't convince you, how about this thing? Can someone please tell me WHAT this is?

boss #1's potato soup. It rocks and saved me from a lunch of Spaghettio’s with hot dogs. Odd choice for a diet lunch I know but hey, it's better than you think.

the dead rat smell killing my appetite. Otherwise I'd be eating the ENTIRE bowl of potato soup.

the satisfaction I get from holding the Critter Guys check until the rat smell is gone. Can't find it? Tell me to wait till nature takes its course? Fine, no problem. My satisfaction is coming at your expense.


A friend of mine pinpointed exactly what I'm feeling. I'm feeling caged. Funny, as I surf my Facebook I notice this same theme running though a LOT of people. Restlessness has taken root and everyone, including the man who turned to me last night and said "I'm ready for something good to happen" completely out of the blue. Putting my female interpretation of that aside and pulling out my man to English dictionary just confirms my suspicion. He's restless too.

I think it has to be a February thing. We are all just ready for this hellacious winter to be over and done. We are ready for spring to be sprung and this season to be over. Restlessness and Doom are subject of more of my friends than I can count. I know I'm feeling the same and it's not just the weather, it's the "season". I'm ready for God to put me in the game. To tell me what direction he wants me to go and take my leash off. But God does things in his own way and in his own time. I'm left trying to "Ripen on the Vine" "Submit with Grace" "have faith and trust in him" *sighs* I'm workin on it Lord.

I'm tired of struggling to take a picture. I want a city crawl, I want a long walk with a short dog, I want to watch a Pixie flutter from flower to flower and I want inspiration to strike. My list and photos have been dull and lifeless of late. I'm ready to put some yellow back in the sharpie and start coloring my world.

Until then, I pray for patience *twitch* and I hang in there.


  1. Each time I think I understand what "Patience is a Virtue" truly means, I get humbled. We're only given what we can handle. Hang in there :)

  2. Word to yo Momma Ms. Becca. Knowing that is all that keeps me going some days.