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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 55 - The Beached Whale Must Die

“No diet will remove all the fat from your body because the brain is entirely fat. Without a brain, you might look good, but all you could do is run for public office.”
~George Bernard Shaw~

Today I'm grateful for:

It is 121 days, 23 hours, 56 minutes and 15 seconds until Saturday, June 26, 2010 at 12:00:00 Noon. My return to paradise.

cute yellow tops that fit and make me feel pretty

inviting myself to a lovely garden come spring. Susan, you are like da bomb! Thanks!

not sporking the new guy. It took LOTS of self control and prayer but I managed to leave him the way I found him.

completing 20 minutes. The stationary beast is back with a vengeance but I won. Barely

not having to swim suit shop this year.

giving myself a good laugh. I looked back in my blog and found this. Was I really that pretentious? Do I do that often? Can someone please tell me when I am? If I don't learn to recognize it how will I ever learn? *dramatic sigh* Geez Beth, blather much? Well at least I got a good laugh at my own expense.

progress on my new goals list:

1) finish my on-line ASL degree (scrubbed. ASL degree just ain't gonna happen. Not because I can't, but because that is no longer the direction I feel called)

2) develop my skill w/ the camera. (work in progress. I have developed better skills, but I have a LONG way to go)

3) figure out just what God wants me to do with my skills ( I get the feeling my gifts are being used just as God has intended but since I'm not privy to his plans, I get the feeling this one will never be crossed off. I'm OK with that)

4) join a small group (done. Whoohoo! *impersonates Sesame Street's count* "That's ONE, One goal completed")

5) expose the hidden (nope, not yet. God is still poking me to do so, I'm still pretending not to hear. He has turned up the heat and the volume though *twitch*)

6) lose weight (yup, lost nearly 6 pounds since this was originally posted. I have not lost a pound in like 4 months though :(

7) ride in a local bike race ( still looking for a race, but I found a cool bike shop less than a mile from my office that host races. I'm gonna have to check them out. I think it's time to give Roxie to the Pixie and get an actual street bike)

8) complete a full Pilates work out (epic fail. Nuff said)

9) PUSH myself on the stationary beast. No more ugly wins. It's time to crush it. (*coughs* Um, yeah...)

10) add to and expand on my gratitude list while continuing to LIVE it. (it's a work in progress. The list grows and shrinks is random and is obnoxious but it is and will remain my life's journey)

11) pay it forward (working on it)

12) learn my true self worth & own it. It's now time to Believe I'm worthy (a work in progress. Thus far, not so much)

killing the beached whale. I have 121 days. Wish me luck.

The stationary beast and the Futon are back
There goes the neighborhood
*insert dramatic sigh*

Picture this:

Turtle bay, just outside Sarasota Florida. Two happy couples playing around in a little boat having the time of their lives. One slightly over fluffy blond realizing for the first time, she has sea legs and loving every moment of it. All self consciousness about her new swim suit gone. Her man is looking at her like she is the Queen of Sheba.

They have the boat for the entire day and decide it would be fun to pull up to one of the tiny islands where the birds hang out to get some shells and some photographs (you see, the slightly over fluffy blond likes to shoot things). The foursome is laughing and splashing and digging around for shells and having an extraordinary time.

The slightly over fluffy blond waders toward the shore where the boat is beached looking for a (place to pee) Um, a lost flip-flop but still within earshot of the others. She notices one of those fast and fancy speed boats headed their way and was worried that the wake may cause their boat to come loose from the shore. She shrugs off the possibility because she knows the boat captain would have already thought of this. As she is looking for her lost flip-flop she hears the boat come closer and closer and just as she looks up into the smiling young faces of those in the speeding boat she hears "HAHAHAHAH LOOK! A BEACHED WHALE" Just as her man walks up to check on her. Bless him, he tries "Babe, they’re a bunch of ass-holes" but the damage is done.

To the slightly over fluffy blonds credit, she shakes off the hurt (for the most part) and refuses to let it ruin the remainder of her stay in paradise. However, the memory lingers. Every now and then the roar of the speed boat and the hurtful words will replay in her mind as she steps on the scale or looks in the mirror.

Yeah, I have 121 days till my return to paradise and the beached whale must die. I am, in fact, larger today than I was a year ago. I'd better get my ass moving. I've been back on my diet since Monday (and doing better than I thought I would) and I returned to the stationary beast this morning and intend on walking 3 miles tonight. The closer I get to paradise, the louder that speed boat gets. It's time for it to be silenced.

The Foursome - Turtle Bay, Siesta Key FL  June 2009

The man and his Beached Whale.
Taken from that little boat on that day

I know, this song is just wrong, but my daddy used to sing it
and it makes me giggle

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