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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just for my Momma - My Prayer

This is as private as anything posted on the web can be and it is extremely personal. It's meant for my mother. Click the read more link at your own risk.

Dear Heavenly Father:

Thank you for yesterday, it was a wonderful day. I managed to get through the day without frustration, I managed to keep my eating under control, I know it was a blessing from you that kept the rain away when I was at the doctor’s office and gave me pretty blue skies for my drive home. Oh, and the grocery shopping on a Monday night went so fast! Thank you Lord for the day. It was awesome.

Thank you for letting me wake this morning and letting me enjoy another of your beautiful creations. I pray your will be done with this day. I pray for the wisdom to know it, the discipline and character to carry it out and your forgiveness should I fail. I pray grace and humility be ever present and at the forefront of my life.

Merciful Father I pray forgiveness for my sins. Please wash my spirit clean of all my known and unknown sins so that should you call me home, I may be worthy to stand before you for my judgment. I pray I sin less today than I did yesterday.

Lord I thank you for all the amazing gifts and blessings in my life. The biggest blessing was the day you whispered in my ear "What's it going to hurt" and began journey back to you and to my new life. Thank you for my husband the love that I have for him. Thank you for my children and my parents but more than that, thank you for the new way I love them. It's alive and it breaths and grows in a way I didn't know possible. Thank you Lord for my gifts of the spirit. They fulfill me it ways I didn't know I was empty. I pray I grow them in accordance to your will and use them always to your glory.

I pray for those whose names are written on my heart. I pray for friends and family. I pray for Mr. Bo jangles, The preacher and his wife, Lou's friend with cancer and the old man who walks down Stockton. I pray for my husband and my children and my grand children. I pray for Rick and I pray for Kent. I pray for Sarah, and Debbie and Judy. I pray for Billy and Linda, Terry, Mark and Mellissa, Bev & Dave, all their children and grand children. I pray for Patty. I pray for Grandma and Grandpa and all my family in RI. I pray for Marian and Brandy and Kara and Diandra and Bethan and all the kittens. Lord I pray the greatest blessing I know to pray, that thy will be done. Lord I pray you bless them as you have blessed me and a thousand times more.

Heavenly Father I pray you continue to make me the servant you intend me to be. I pray I get out of your way and let your will be done in my life. I pray I may be the wife my husband needs, the mother my children deserve and the daughter my parents are entitled to. Lord I pray your assistance with my weight issue. If it be your will I pray I lose the weight or I learn to accept the weight I am.

These things I pray in Jesus’ name

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