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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 49 - It's Personal

"It's not personal, It's just business."
~Michael Corleone, The Godfather~

Today I'm grateful for:

making it personal but not taking it personal.

knowing my husband made it personal even when I didn't know it.

podcasts. Hey, did you guys know these were free and there's like a gazillion of them out there?? Why didn't anyone tell me they were so cool??? I got podcasts on "how to be a better writer" "Digital photography 101" "How to take better photographs" and even our sister church North Point Community Church has Andy Stanly podcasts! *booty dances* Really, you should have told me.

personal gifts. My husband has a habit of going to extremes when it comes to gifts for me. He will either strike out or he will hit a home run. I will tell you, his batting average is better than Babe Ruth's. This year’s home run was a little pink iPod I named Lilly. She is pivotal to my life. On her is the soundtrack of my life, several interesting books, a comedy video, a free movie on Olympic skiing I have not seen yet and now, brand new for my listening pleasure and edification, 7 Podcasts of which one "It's Personal" I listened to this morning. I have Andy Stanly in my purse. How freaking cool is that? Yes, Lilly was a home run. Thank you Babe.

God. He has made it personal.

contact from the dark side. Kelly is in the midst of her storm but she is keeping her promise. I'm getting regular "I love you too Mom" text. My Redbird is in flames but I know she will come out of it wiser and stronger and I know she loves me. She told me so.

Lisa doing better. It seems her storm has passed. I hope she and I can reconnect. I miss her.

music. When, at the ripe old age of 22 I discovered just how bad my singing voice was, I was devastated. "There goes my love of music! It's destroyed! Why did you make me love it so and give me this voice God! You suck! You're so unfair!" *insert dramatic sigh, petulant stomp and quivering bottom lip* Yeah, Um, Beth, take it down a notch or twelve and realize that your love for music will soon become, and remain for the rest of your days, a non-chemical mood stabilizer. Oh, and remember this when your daughters gets all dramatic. "Pot? Meet Kettle."

the baby of the family. She never fails to bring me joy. Even when she forgets her deodorant on gym day and wants to sit in my lap.

Apple Corporation. Back in the day, we had an Apple 2E. I remember way to many sleepless nights saying up playing EOS and Might and Magic on it. Once Microsoft became the rage, Apple and I had a falling out and there was even several years when I assumed they ceased to exist. Then, like a bolt out of the blue, there came the iPod. Kelly actually talked me into getting it. The man had given me our income tax refund check to do with (the last refund we ever received as it turns out) as I pleased. I took the kids to Best Buy with me to buy a new PC and Kelly just wigged out over this odd looking device. Apparently it played digital music, it had a HUGE storage capacity 256mg and was much easier to lug around than my CD walkman. She begged and pleaded and I caved. I bought it along with my new PC and left it sitting in its box for another 3 months. Every day Kelly asking me "can we open it?" "We'll see". Finally Kelly's pleading sank in and I plugged it in (once I figured out how. USB? What's this USB you speak of?) and turned on. I fell in love that instant and I have been an iPod Momma ever since. Poor Kelly, she never did get to play with that thing. Though a year or so back her Grandma gave her one. So, I am grateful to the Apple Corporation for my little pink bit of heaven. She sings to me and stabilizes my mood. Though, the Mac and the Iphone suck buckets. I'm just sayin...

Um, yeah, today's list is epic enough. I think I'll leave it at that.

I'm a PC girl, all the way, but...
these commercials are freakin hilarious
(and all too often, true)


  1. Podcasts rule. It's insane what you find out there. If I'm ever "bored" I just go to my iTunes and look at the 30,000 podcasts I have on my list to listen to. Well, maybe not quite that many ;)

  2. I'm up to 28. Give me a day or two and I'll be caught up