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Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 46 - I'm happy, bug off

Who will tell whether one happy moment of love or the joy of breathing or walking on a bright morning and smelling the fresh air, is not worth all the suffering and effort which life implies. ~Erich Fromm~

Today I'm grateful for:

doing it. I'd do it again too, so there!

not letting the universe, hell bent on setting off a bi-polar melt down on our special day, get away with it. A million little annoyances and one rather large one but I stayed in the moment and balanced and got to marry my Prince in peace. I was happy and in love and I plan on staying that way as long as humanly possible. Now I count down to the Honeymoon!

124 days till the Honeymoon! TODAY begins the diet and exercise program guaranteed to eliminate all possibility of being the beached whale again. NOT THIS YEAR JR! I'm gonna look smokin hot for my groom.

my BFF. Once again she stepped in and saved the day. I MUST find her a cape. She is my superhero. Any suggestions on a color?

BFF #1 comes to town Friday! *booty dances* We are gonna giggle and chatter and shop oh my!

being asked for photography advice. It made me feel very good. I of course, know I am not qualified to give this type of advice but I enjoyed sharing what I'd learned.

for this quote I lifted off a fellow blogger. It was exactly what I needed.
When you don't need anything, then you truly have everything. When you know that you already have enough, that you already are enough, that everything is as it should be, then your life will be rich indeed. Get past the need to possess and you'll discover that the whole world is yours. Abandon the need to be right and you'll find real truth. ~Ralph Marston

Yes, yes, I know, I'm cheating yet again.
Don't care, I'm back at work,
this will have to do for today


When it feels like the universe is out to get you, what do you do? Bob and weave. Something I put out into the universe came back on me with a vengeance. I'm not sure what puppy I kicked or who's Wheaties I pissed in, but trust me, retribution was had.

But, very un-Beth like, I refused to give into it. Sunday is my favorite day of the week, this Sunday was Valentine’s day and my faux wedding so nothing was going to get under my skin today. Not the pastor running late, or not being able to help in the cafe, or Sunday brunch taking forever to cook, or falling asleep on my poor Other Momma's visit, or not getting it all done, or the dog producing a pile and a puddle on my dining room floor (seriously dog? The dining room? Must you?) or my MIA daughter, or my all alone pixie, or ONIONS ON EVERTHING, or them running out of steak and not bothering to tell me, not my sitting there watching everyone except my prince eat for over 20 minutes, of watching my price's dinner get cold, of them running out of dessert and feeding us NASTY cheesecake instead, or being just to tired when we got home.

I kept track of every single misadventure but it was like watching a movie. In my head I was saying "sssssss, ooooo that's gonna piss her off" but nothing connected. I sat at the table and waited to be served never once getting pissed off. My man was being chivalrous and insisting on waiting, all the while holding my hand and making jokes. I was just plain balanced all day. I was present and in the moment and content. That kind of balance is so rare for me that it took a great deal of thought for me to put my finger on it. THIS is how normal people react to minor stresses. They simply don't sweat the small shit. Wow, no screaming, yelling and crying? Really? Spiffy dude.

My night ended freshly married, snuggled under the covers with MY man and no sign of a meltdown. Take THAT Universe! Um, kidding, love you, mean it…

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