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Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 43 - Balance

"There's an old saying that you can't have a war when one side doesn't show up. Be that side. Do what you have to to address the situation and then walk away from the drama. Not only do you give yourself (and the problem) the greatest chance for a successful outcome, more important, you protect your peace of mind – the most valuable gain of all." -Cheryl Richardson
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Today I'm grateful for:

balance. I've been very open about my issues so there's no need to go over them again. I just wanted to take a moment to give myself a pat on the back. Considering a solid week of lurgy, sleepless nights, guilt over my husbands sleepless nights and an insane hamster who desperately needs a walk, the fact that I've been balanced this week is a testament to the hard work and dedication I've put in over the last 3 years. (OK, it's really just the luck of the draw with bi-polar but hey, cut a girl some slack)

my husband. He has still not suffocated me in my limited sleep. He rocks, because honestly, I can't say I'd be as forgiving.

an old knotted sock. This has given Roy (and I) hours of cheap entertainment. With me being sick and unable to take him on his daily walks, he would be insane (OK, MORE insane) without this outlet. Enjoy the video but please take note at the amount of store bought toys that go unnoticed.

Roy's production of "The Sock must Dance"

not being fired. Seriously, I would have fired me or at least demanded video documentation of my funeral.

not going stir-crazy. I'm not a good "Stay at home" kinda gal. I LOVE my job. After all, I am a superhero. It's a calling don't-cha know. But, thanks to a little dog, a new treadmill, Esther and my little 365 I've managed to keep entertained.

God. I can now say, with relative certainty, he has decided to let me live.

a quiet Pixie. I infected her with my lurgy and she is now home with me. She tends to run along the dramatic side but thus far she has stayed in her bed watching Cartoon Network. I hope she heals faster than I have. A week in bed will make her head explode.

panty shields. The way I've been coughing? Nuff said

not overdosing on cough syrup. I have killed more than one bottle this week yet I still cough. WTH?

prayers. Saying my prayers grounds me. Others praying for me comforts me. I am indeed new to this God Freak stuff but I like it thus far. Even if I don't always get it. That's faith right?

rain. It balances out the sun. Without it life would cease, paradise would dry up and blow away. It restores balance, it heals and it quenches the Earth's thirst. It's also pretty fun to play in. Um, when you're not sick of course *looks shifty* What?

Today is rainy, cold, and grey but I'm inside my warm house with a little dog and a Garden Pixie. Granted, me and said Garden Pixie are sick but what'cha gonna do?

I've been surfing blogs and stealing. I found an awesome human calendar, a button to happiness, an awesome quote and some way cool links. All stolen, all now on my blog with proper link backs of course. I've also made a video of sock fun, taken a few wet photos and done my blogging for the day. Once that's done I think me and the Pixie will bake cookies for daddy (I'm riddled with guilt about keeping him up all night...and not in the good way") and catch up with Esther.

I am thoroughly unhappy about missing a full week of work. Of using vacation time to cover sick leave or of leaving boss 1 and boss 2 unassisted but there is little I can do about it. So, I'm looking on the bright side and saying "At least I got some work done, the book finished and my little 365 done for the day" so there you go.


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