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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 42 - Bookworks

I am returning this otherwise good typing paper to you because someone has printed gibberish all over it and put your name at the top. ~English Professor (Name Unknown), Ohio University

Today I'm grateful for:

sleep. I managed to get some and so did the man. Of course it was a chemically induced sleep but hey, it was all legal...

feeling a bit more human. Though I'm coughing so much the dog wont sit with me and I've nearly lost my voice.

boss one and boss two. I've worked a total of 1/2 a day this entire week and I have not yet gotten a phone call saying "You're fired".

God. He has decided to let me live. I think

procrastination. I'm eyeing my Bible Study book but so far, I've managed not to actually pick it up. Esther can wait till I'm well.

.doc files. After nearly 8 hours of trying to figure out how I was going to reformat my book from .doc to .pdf and embed the font as Lulu is insisting, I discovered that I don't need to use a .pdf after all. If I don't use a fancy font, I can use a .doc. Well goodbye "Schoolhouse" and Hello "Century". Having a mildly different font is not worth my sanity or $99.00 to buy Adobe

version 193.3rd of "A Life of Gratitude" This is the last. If there are typos and grammar errors left then that's how God intended it. I'm done I tell you! Corrigendum's be damned!


Well I've finally gone and done it. I've killed the corrigendum’s. Um, I hope. I've known for some time that I needed to do a clean up on this thing but I just couldn’t be bothered. The fun was in the writing and the saying "I've written a book. Oprah will call" but honestly, it was a mess. I've done so many revisions it's laughable and even after the BIG rewrite due to having to remove Shel's poems, I STILL didn't get them all. My poor editor. She had my book print perfect and then I had to go and screw with it.

I was ready to just say screw it and delete the whole thing but so many people have encouraged me and hung in there with me over all the typos and revisions that I knew I had to give it one last go. I had to put forth REAL effort to make it right. I know that it's self published but I need to take pride in my work, push though the tedium and make it right. Sooooooo, I started by printing it out and actually READING it, fixing all the areas I could find that needed a little tuning. Then, I ran spell check. 4 times. Twice to catch the spelling errors and the "Too & to" errors and such, then 2 more times to read and reread all the grammar & "Bethisms" to make sure they were correct. Even made up words need to be spelled correctly.

Then I completely rewrote the preface. Expanding it and making it more accurate and less cutesy. Then I pulled all the photos into the photo editor. All the photos got a clean up, some were trashed, others replaced. I can't believe I had not bothered to do that. Then I deleted several sections and added to the end of the book. I also included a recipe I hope the reader finds tasty. After several days of work, I believe my little book is ready for the big bad world. I've opened it up so that it's now public domain. It's all grown up! It even has an ISBN number!

For you my loyal blog stalkers, I offer it as a free download. For 1 week only, you can download the new and improved version here. After that you can buy the download or even better, buy the book. Very soon it will be available on Now that it's all legal and stuff *coughs* Once it's up, you can bet your sweet bippy I will post it here and perhaps, Oprah will get an anonymous email containing the link *coughs*

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