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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 41 - Simplicity

“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” ~Albert Einstein~

Today I'm grateful for:

fellow bloggers. Without ever knowing I exist they provide me with inspiration, they remind me I'm not alone in my quest, they humble me and remind me it was not MY bright idea, they validate me and befriend me. 2 years ago I had no idea what a blog was, honestly, I still don't get where the name came from, but now I have one. Oh how life in the interweb turns...

boss one and boss two. Boss two walked up to my desk and dropped a bottle of GermX & Lysol in front of me and said "Go home sicko, your kind's not wanted here" Whereupon I left. Nobody messes with Boss 2. It's a great day at Heth Realty, Lurgy Girl has left the building.

I love you texts from my favorite human.

having the flue and not 46 inches of snow. Sorry Momma but I'm glad it's you and not me. I'd still rather have the flue than the snow.

warm, fluffy, Guitar Hero pajama pants. Damn they feel good

the simple things. When your weak and feeling low down, you return to the simple things. I wish I could remember how much I like it here when I'm well.

Keep it Simple

For transportation
Try these.
They also make great exercise equipment

For Entertainment
Roy recommends a sock


It never ceases to amaze me what you can find out there in the WWW. Want photographic evidence that pigs can fly? Need the lyrics to that Russian folk song you're grandma used to sing to you? Need the SSN of an ex boyfriend so you can give his identity to your cousin Bubba who was just released from prison? For good or for ill, the interweb is a fascinating, scary, confusing place. Just today I was lacking any idea what to do with my little 365 when I happened to notice that a blog I follow had recently been updated and found inspiration in the simplest of things.

Myself, I like Google. My office mates call me the Google Ninja Master. I use it for everything from searching for THE best rentals in Siesta Key, to my free email, photo storage and calendar. My all time favorite thing to do when I'm in need of inspiration, is to go on a Google adventure. Take a random sentence, word or statement and see what Google finds, then just randomly link hop from one site to the next. It is amazing what I've learned, how I've been inspired and what I've discovered. There is plenty of bad out there, but there is double the good. Try it sometime and just see where it takes you. It's cheap entertainment and you may just learn something.

Need a good place to start your adventure? Try this site:

For a snack
Try mashing up one of these then freezing it

For Communication
Remember these?

For thirst
Can ANYTHING beat this?


  1. So true!
    Flu > too much snow!

    Simple pleasures > complicated life

    Fluffy, comfy pajama pants and a day
    to relax in them > just about anything.

    haven't quite figured out how to use
    a sock as entertainment yet but I have
    figured out this,

    Beth's gratitude blog always = smiling
    Love ya,
    Amy G.

  2. Awe, thank you Ms. Amy. Love you too