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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 37 - Mah Johng & Glitter Sticks

Men in the game are blind to what men looking on see clearly. ~Chinese Proverb~

OK, so I decided earlier in the week I wanted to do a shoot with glitter. You know, the stuff Kindergarteners use by the pound on their macaroni necklaces and popsicles log cabins? I remember getting this stuff back when I taught Pre-School (yes, "I" taught pre-school. Shut up) and it was about $.69 a gallon. So off the Pixie and I go to the craft store thinking for my $5.00 budget I'll get every color of the rainbow. We have NO idea what we are going to do with it but we hope inspiration will strike us in the glitter isle. We get to the store and we are on the hunt. Up and down isles we went looking for glitter the Pixie literally calling "Here glitter, glitter" and laughing hysterically. Finally, right by THE FRONT DOOR we found it. I nearly choked. $3.69 for a .5 oz little bottle of hot pink glitter. Um, NO. After searching the store like a jungle cat seeking dinner, I finally find a store clerk and ask "Excuse me, um, where's the NORMAL glitter? I saw the FANCY glitter over there but I need the stuff kindergarteners eat" I get in response a blank stare and a finger pointing back toward the FANCY glitter.

In the end we settled for a package of glitter sticks. 5 bottles of various colors of glitter pre-mixed in glue. Having spied a giant foam finger for our local "Gators" the Pixie got this bright idea. "We can make Sparkle sticks to cheer on our favorite Mah Jong player!" (Kelly and Kent were coming over to learn to play Mah Jong along with the Pixie) Having no better idea and no money left in the craft budget I said "Great idea June!" and used the extra $1 to buy her an expandable toy just because anything called "Happy Hank" HAD to come home with us.


Today I'm grateful for:

getting it all done. I may have gotten the list in JUST under the wire, but I did it.

having a great day. From start to finish it just was.

a long hard ride. I got the dog so tired he was drooling. THAT's a good ride.

sparkle sticks. They amused us.

Mah Jong. I just love that game. Teaching June and Kent to play was so much fun! *waves her spakle stick*

starting the day with prayer. I usually forget on the weekends. Today I didn't. I like that.

2 day's down, 3 days to go. I'm way behind on my studies but at least 2 days are done. Perhaps I can get another day done during the Pixies drum lesson. I hope she did better with her studies than I've done with mine :/

great weather. Considering what's going on further North, I am EXTREAMLY grateful for ours.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. My fellow Americans have put themselves in harms way to insure I have these rights. I pray they return home safe and SOON!

Tomorrow is SUNDAY! *booty dances*

fresh baked bread. There's just nothing better.

My baby sang to me, I got all mooshy

The family Mah Jong set

A Pixie and her sparkle stick

Concentration Consternation

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