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Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 8 - On Sulfer Pond

My morning started with the man coming to me and saying "you gotta see this" and dragging me into the bathroom. I know what your thinking and no, not that. It was a pattern of frost on the bathroom window. It was way cool and looked like a bearded man. He said "so, I have a challenge for you. Get a picture of that." I love my man. He so gets me. I tried to do just that but failed. More on that later...

My morning commute takes me right past a very large, manmade duck pond. It's home to some very ugly ducks, some white geese and some Canadian ducks. There is so much duck pooh in that pond that they have to dredge it on a regular basis and in the heat of the day you have to hold your breath when driving past it. I call it "Sulfer Pond" due to the smell.  However, on the surface it's absolutely beautiful and at sunrise, even more so. Each morning I drive past it and think "I should really take some pictures here at sunrise" but really, who wants to get up before dawn to go take photos of a pond that makes your eyes water and tests your gag reflex? *raises hand* Um, that would be me. Since it's gotten cold the smell has died way down. Also the cold has created some unbelievable sunrises and sunsets. So, this morning I braved the 40° morning (hush, that was our HIGH for today. It's gotten steadily colder all day and now sits around 20°) and headed out to the duck pond. I spent nearly an hour and wound up late for work to get that 7th "last" shot. I saw an amazing sunrise. Who know there was hot pink in the sky. It sucks that only a few of the photos turned out. *sulks* Just means I have to go back and do it again right?

Tonight I learned a lesson. Don't mess around with a format you know nothing about. I blew all my morning photos by playing with the raw settings. Yeah, raw on an 8 year old camera is not the raw of today. All my photos from the bearded man to the pond shoot were over pixilated with no hope of being saved. The good new is that I learned a few things:

• RAW is not the best HI is
• don't assume
• read the manual
• the man does know what he's talking about. Occasionally
• sometimes the man gets things I don't. I should put this on the "things not to be pissed about" list
• I'm NOT a ninja. I can't hit the shutter release fast enough NOT to shake a 1" shutter speed
• cold is not a good alarm clock. I was late to work because the cold failed to make me head to the car like I assumed it would
• duck pooh is nasty
• ducks bite

Today I'm grateful for:

owners manuals

2nd chances

my in-house camera repair man

Lisa and Jackson on the road to recovery. Even if it seems Lisa is going to take longer than Jackson

Lisa's man. Trust me, admitting this one is HARD but Lisa says he's been great so I won't spork him. Today. Thank you Rick, honestly, thank you.

new rock band songs. Queen baby!

finding the perfect gift for my stalker.

chocolate covered almonds. While Brutus was being worked on, I ate, paced and bitched.

191.2 lbs. At least it's down a little.

the camera repair man liking the new avatar photo I made him. He's a hot rock star. Remember ladies, I do NOT share my toys and I'm armed.

the BFF being back in town! I still have not gotten to see her but she's gonna be at church Sunday! Whooohooo!

have I mentioned I'm a grandma again?

The only photos that turned out from this morning

This is sooo not natural but I had fun playing

These two are as I saw it. Only minimal editing was done.

This one is trash, but it shows what could have been
had I left the damn format settings alone *le sigh*
That reflection would have been nice *sulks more*

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