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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2 - Edit, Edit, Edit

It's been an interesting day. The search for a new Christmas tree bombed. We waited to long. Next year we will either get a real tree and buy our new fake one the day after Christmas, or we will procrastinate and buy a new tree on Christmas eve. Given our habit of procrastination, I'll go with option #2.

My quest to find Theraflu COUGH throat strips for the HAMSTER failed. Seems they don't think you'll ever have just a cough. I can find cough and flu, cough and sinus, cough and fever but not just cough. So, since the vet said dextromathorfin, I bought the ONLY bottle of JUST COUGH syrup in the entire freakin grocery store. Have you ever tried to force feed a hamster cough syrup? Yeah, that. Oh, then to get even, he throws a large portion of it up on my dining room floor. He is now passed out in his transporter. *sighs* Poor Boy Roy!

If any of you out there are thinking of buying Target gift cards on line DON'T apparently you can only use them to purchase items on-line. Oh, and you HAVE TO PAY SHIPPING! That costs more than the item. The Pixies $20 worth of items for her $30 gift card will cost $42.99 with tax and shipping. I may just let Ms. Shankabitch spork Target.

My BFF is out of town, I checked on her house, she has no water. I checked the meter and found a snake. Have I mentioned how scared I am of snakes? I think I peed a little (*lies* it was a lot) Turns out all is OK with the water and I have changed my pants.

Yeah, interesting day. The good news is I've finally been able to give my new editing software a work-out. It freakin rocks dude! I've logged nearly 5 hours of editing time, I'm becoming a ninja with the clone brush and cropping is a Noob wanna-be photographers best friend.

Today I'm grateful for:

80 photos in the can. I can't believe how many photos I saved! If you don't have skill, get a good editor. I almost look like I know what I'm doing.

frames on sale. The frame sale saved Target from being sporked.

a new vinyl table cloth in white. It was on sale for $16 and it's HUGE. It will be my new back-drop and it wont have wrinkles! *booty dances* Now, if I can find one in black, brown and grey I will be set!

country fried steak, country gravy and home made mashed potatoes for dinner. *drools* I'm a killer cook. Literally. I'm serving heart attack on a plate. But OOOOOh what a way to go...

the boss telling me not to come in today. The money would have been nice but the time off is nicer.

helping the man solve a puzzle. He was stumped, I gave him the winning clue. I'm not as think as I dumb I am.

being warm. It's freaking cold outside and they are calling for a hard freeze. Even the "S" word has been mentioned *twitch* but inside my little slice of paradise the hamster is napping in the sun and the man and I are in shorts. Oh, and barefoot. I do NOT want to see our electric bill next month. Most of it is the sun streaming in. Once the sun goes down I suspect I'll be in sweats, my winter coat, and whining loudly about how "it's not supposed to be this damn cold in FLORIDA!" Oh, and if it snows I am NOT answering the phone. Guaranteed it will be my mother or my eldest calling to laugh. Turn-about is a bitch.

Sunday is still ahead of me. 2 great days off and still the best to go. I LOVE Sundays.

having a quiet house. I am not one of those mothers that pines away for her children. I love them, I miss them and I LOVE it when they visit, however, I'm smart enough to enjoy a nice quiet afternoon with an empty nest.

tonight’s photo shoot. Should be interesting. Light painting out side in the 30° temperatures w/ chances of snow. I'll post those photos tomorrow night. If my fingers don't fall off.

The Pixie on a break from Supermodel duty

The only usable photo from today's tonight's shoot
This damn thing needs some serious cleaning

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