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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 23 - I blame it on the mall

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, "I used everything you gave me.” Erma Bombeck

I'm still in a mood. Not bad exactly, but not good either. I blame it on the hours I spent in the mall today. The Pixie and I left the house at 10 A.M. and got home just before 3 P.M. The fact I didn't shove a spork in my ear is a testament to my love for my daughter. 3 marked down bits of sales perfection saved me.
Today I'm grateful for:

getting a CD full of Jackson photos. I LOVE them! I DON'T love not beign able to post any. The baby daddy better hope my mood improves before we meet again.

a new cell for the Pixie. She has been amazingly good with her phone. NO overages, only once did she nearly lose it, and 5 months ago when Daddy's phone died and he took hers she didn't pout or sulk. She suffered the embarrassment of an un-cool phone with dignity. So when I was told I had a free upgrade, she got it. I had a $50 credit for a new phone. There were about 20 phones for her to choose from. My only rule, it could not exceed my $50 credit. She picked a $20 phone and absolutely LOVES it. She spent her very first allowance, $10 to be exact, on a cool new cover for it. She went for the phone she wanted, not for the most expensive. My kid rocks. This was sale perfection #1

Tuffy the Turtle. A cute little dog toy we found at the grocery store marked down 30% to a whopping $.99. Since the hamster shredded the funky chicken, we hope Tuffy the turtle stands a better chance. His body is made from a green tennis ball. This was sale perfection #2

a new purse. The fake brown Coach will be returned to Mussette on Monday. Now I have a cute little green bag found at Kohl’s marked down 50% to a whopping $12. Sales perfection #3 and saved me from self sproking.

60% off sale at Sears. My shopping list consisted of 1 cell for the Pixie, 1 white golf shirt for me, rent Australia for the man and the weekly grocery shopping. Thanks to the Sears sale, I got 3 golf shirts for $7, 1 pair of capris for $9 and this REALLY cute white linen shirt for $12. The last new thing I bought myself was a bathing suite back in June. Oh, wait,  no, that's a lie, the last thing I got was my $5 Wal-Mart scorts. Today's splurge was very UnBeth like. It made me feel odd and a tad defensive, but not odd enough to return them. That blouse is rockin dude.

Carrot cake. Nom nom nom

the movie Australia. It was long, it should have ended 3 times before it did, but I enjoyed it very much. Also got in some good hand holding. A very spiffy bonus.

a nice long ride w/ Roxie, Lilly and the hamster. It was the 2nd best part of my day. The hand holding was the first.

Sunday is right around the corner. I feel a shift to the left coming.

my man. He puts up with my mood swings with much more grace than I would. After shopping, I walked into the house with a chip on my shoulder. I blame it on the mall.

Now that's a happy Pixie

She has a thing for stripes.
Can you tell?


Roy, meet Tuffy
Tuffy.....Been nice knowing you

Purse Perfection 50% off
I still hate the mall

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