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Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1 - The adventure begins

Today begins the adventure. Where it will lead who knows. Those that know me from World of Warcraft can attest to my following abilities though they will tell you in a whisper "Don't follow Worship, your likely to end up in the tar pits with Murlocks nippin at ye heals" So, my philosophy for this adventure? Follow where it leads. Let's start off with the rules. I know you, my intrepid stalkers will keep me in line. It's gonna go like this:

1 post, 1 photo every day for 365 days.

Easy peasie pumpkin cheesy

Today I'm grateful for:

a day full of adventure. I built a photography studio and played in it all day. Tried all kinds of things that have been rolling around in my head for ages.

The new studio came complete w/ a Pixie

a new self portrait. I hate the way I look in photos by my kids say it's great. I'll let you be the judge. I'm bias.

A) I wanted me and the big pink bike
but the hamster had other ideas

B) I kinda like this one. It's very me dont'cha think?
OK, so you choose. A or B?

a new family portrait. We have not had one in years. Just sucks that Lisa and the royal duo are missing. Perhaps when Jackson arrives...

The Reed Family 2010 - Somewhat lacking :(

a tradition continuing. The man said I can have a new Christmas tree. The tree we have is the very tree that replaced the dead silver one in 1979. It's a great day and it's a kinda sad day. I've grown up with this tree, my kids have grown up with this tree. Well, now I get a new one and this one goes to Kelly. She drove it home in the back of her "new to her" Camaro. *sighs* Life goes on...

fairy lights. As I explained to the Pixie, Christmas lights become Fairy lights on Jan. 1st. Man we had some fun with them.

Look, the fairy lights caught  a Pixie

 WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? Throw it back!

Getting all the Christmas decorations down and put away. It's the ONLY productive thing I've done today.

the new "speed hump" sign they put in my front yard. I kid you not. I LOVE it! It's just so fitting! My poor neighbor hates it. Sorry buddy but it stays! *booty dances*

The Pixie took this one. She has a good eye no?

having new goals. My long list is about 64 blogs back but the short list? Start a 365 project, take a new self portrait, start training for the bike race in earnest, lose some fluff, and train the hamster to "COME!"

starting the new year off right. We hibernated at home, played Photographer, and started a new adventure. I can think of no better way to start of 2010. I said my prayers today. I prayed not for another spectacular year, but that at the end of this year my perspective will let me say "Thank you Lord for another spectacular year." Yeah, 2010 is looking good baby.

It's easy to take beautiful photos
when you have a subject like this.

Now, if you will excuse me, I'm off to edit 90 photos and prepare for tomorrows shoot. "Light painting revisited" Ta Ta.

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