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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 10 - Reflections in a dark room

Blah, blah, blah, my car died, I slept late and I had LOTS of on-call calls. I was in the process of reading over what I had just writen and realized it was a bunch of crap boaring stuff. At the end of a day full of frustrations, I can still say "I love Sundays". Nuff said.

Oh do you guys know the song "Free Ride" by Edgar Winter? This one:

Yeah, they performed this song in my church today. I swear I love my church.

Pastor Ken started a new 6 part series on "Married Life" which will culminate in a vow renewal on Valentines day at the Hilltop restaurant. Today's sermon was "I Do...Again?" When he asked the congregation "Would you do it again?" I said "Yes Sir, I would" Damn that felt good. The sermon was funny and touching and we were sent home with homework. I need to ask the man 3 questions "How can I love you better?" "How can I help you be more successful?" and "How can I respect you more?" After 23 years of marriage, I am wise enough to know that if I want a straight answer to these questions, I need to wait till after the football games are over. I'll save those for later.

Today I'm grateful for:

A man willing to come out in public in fluffy pajama pants to rescue his wife. He was workin'em too man. Struttin his stuff like he was in an Armani suit. It takes a REAL man to pull off Guitar Heroes fluffy pants and a Purple Vikings Jacket.

German Chocolate cake. Just cuz it's Sunday.

stupid movies. We watched G-Force. I LOVED it. A movie about super spy guinea pigs has NO pretence. It's a stupid movie for the sake of being a stupid movie. I LOVE those movies.

a gift of friendship. I had fun putting together a little surprise for my stalker. Hope she likes it :)

the smile I get over "his and hers guitar heroes fluffy pants" I'm sorry, but it just makes me all warm and fluffy inside.

the quote of the day: "I am NOT a ferret! That's just a dirty rumor. My grate grandmother met a ferret once but that's ALL. They only dated....Ok, I' am a ferret but I am NOT a weasel!" Bucky - G-Force

having roadside assistance. Even if all they did was jump my car. I have GOT to get jumper cables. I forgot we gave our set to Kelly when we gave her the Redbird.

it's only a battery.

having a BFF willing to get out in the cold and take my fulffy butt to the dealership at 0'dark:30 in the morning.

not being afraid of Pastor Ken's homework. There was a day when asking the man "How can I love you better" would have scared the hell out of me. Not now. That is a good feeling.

being reminded that the man fought for me. He fought HARD and he won my heart back. Him doing that is what started me on this journey. Had he not fought for me in August, I never would have heard the voice that said "What's it gonna hurt?" in February. Thank you babe. I hope it's been worth it. Um, when I ask you the homework questions, you will remember I baked you a German Chocolate cake right? *sucks up*

back-up ideas. "Reflections in the Dark" took the place of what was supposed to be "The beat of a Drum" guess we'll try for that one in two weeks. I like the idea but I need to give it another go in the future. I failed to give it the research and set up time it deserves. Today's shoot was fun, even in the meat locker, but the photos fell flat of what the could be.

napping in the sunspots. Roy is not the only one that enjoys that activity.

The warm Florida sun. It may be cold outside but it’s still the same sun.

getting it all done. Only the magic of Sunday could have made doing it all possible.

not melting down. The old me would have woke late and labeled the day "sucky" and started the inevitable march to melt-down. Today I had my crabby moments, but at the end of the day I can sit here at my desk and say "I love Sundays. Even this one" Think I’m learnin Lord?

Today's shot "Reflections in the dark"
It needs to be revisited and given proper preperation
With some work, I think some very cool photos could be had.
These are "so-so" at best.


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