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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wednesday Gratitude

live, laugh, love. This is today's motto.

Today I'm grateful for:

sunrises. While I may despise getting up at 5:45 A.M. I LOVE that I get to see the sunrise every morning. This morning’s sunrise was so intensely beautiful it made me cry. God may not have made that sunrise just for me, but he gave me the desire to look up, the ability to appreciate it and the skill to capture it.

Alien Hamsters. Roy had a GREAT morning. He puddled and piled outside in record time, he put on a production of "The Bone fights back" and he guarded me while I showered without falling in. My little dog adds fun, imagination, spirit and puppy love to my life. He makes remembering Misty less painful. This is our first Christmas without her. Lots of memories...

my man. He is here, he is with me, he loves me. Remembering that this is Patties first Christmas without her husband reminds me to be grateful for mine. I pray her peace and comfort while she navigates her way through the holidays. I hope 2010 brings joy & laughter back into her life in abundance. She has been without them far too long.

my in-laws. Every damn one of those crazy freaks. While others complain about theirs, I revel in mine. They love me as one of them and thanks to them, I am no longer an only child.

my boss. She slid me a Christmas card this morning and whispered "don't let anyone see this" It had a $50 bit of green plastic awesomeness in it. The gift card was nice, but when she said "You ARE my superhero. I could not run this place without you" I burst into tears like a big dork and hugged her neck. I'm one lucky superhero.

prayer. It does work. God answers us. Always. If you are a believer an think not, you may a) not know how to listen b) not like the answer c) not waited long enough. I'm still working on C. If you are a non-believer, it works for you too. You may not believe in God but he believes in you. Put it in the "What's it gonna hurt?" category and give it a try.

Kelly 1 being safely in TX and Kelly 2 being safely in Vegas. Thank you Lord for safe travel. Amen.

knowing exactly what I am, who I am, and being OK with it. I mean come on, what's not to love?

Shank telling me I'm down to 190.0 even. I'm down 6 full lbs during CHRISTMAS. Tell me this is not divine intervention. I freakin dare you. *munches more of the Christmas Diet cookies & white chocolate kisses*

Crock-Pot stew. I stuffed the pot last night, I plugged it in this morning. Tonight we have bubbly, warm, beefy stew w/ chunks of warm buttery bread for dinner. Remember those 6 lbs I lost? I bet they're in the stew...

feeling good. Today I AM the well balanced, calm, assertive pack leader. Life rocks.

the Christmas season. Once a year people slow down, take stock, feel, give and love. Instead of "Why can't we do it more?" or "You don't know the TRUE meaning of Christmas!" I choose to be grateful. If you yell at a man for only giving once a year and for the wrong reason, what the chance of him giving again? Or more?

my man smelling so good! I know, he put the aftershave on for his girlfriend but that bitch was not around so I got to sniff him all up. I forgot how good my baby can smell. *drools*

driving. Driver’s seat or passenger, driving is thrilling goodness. NO stomach ache is gonna get in my way this time!

My Wal-Mart angel. She rocks the tree

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